10 Brands Americans Trust Most, According to Morning Consult

Having the trust of consumers is one of the goals that brands treasure and seek. The Morning Consult firm surveyed more than 5,000 adults to determine What are the 10 brands that Americans trust the most?.

In the survey more than 4,000 brands were proposedin an exercise that Morning Consult carried out from March 3 to April 3, and these were the results.

The 10 most trusted brands in the US, according to Morning Consult

10.Home Depot

This brand, which offers thousands of products in its stores to carry out projects and repairs at home, gained a lot of popularity among Americans during the two years of the pandemic.

According to the survey, its offer kept millions of people busy during the days of confinement, which earned it the number 10 brand most trusted by Americans.

9. Colgate

Personal hygiene is left in the hands of a brand you trust, and this New York-based company is trusted by Americans, in products like deodorants, soaps and, mainly, toothpaste.

8. The Weather Channel

A fundamental element to prepare the day to day is the weather. But in 2021, weather information was not only used to know how to dress the next day, but also to prevent disasters.

This brand became last year a reliable consumer service for Americans affected by 20 weather events leading to natural disasters.

7. Cheerios

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and Americans entrust this food to the brand owned by General Mills.

As many people continue to work from home, breakfast continues to be served on the tables of American homes and this brand of cereal has a privileged place.


There is a brand that gives Americans peace of mind when making their payments and that is Visa. According to Joanna Piacenza, industry intelligence leader at Morning Consult, the brand values: convenience and accessibilityare transmitted to customers each time they enter a merchant and see the Visa logo.

5. CVS Pharmacy

Another brand that saw consumer confidence take hold during the pandemic, primarily as thousands of its stores became vaccination centers against covid-19.


This parcel brand gained consumer confidence during the pandemic, when the risk of contagion kept people at home.

During lockdowns, delivery brands played a critical role in keep the digital economy going and UPS was the one that gained value for Americans.

3. Clorox

During the toughest months of the covid-19 pandemic, surface cleaning became essential for everyday life. Clorox earned the trust of millions of Americans with its products such as disinfectant wipes and cleaning chlorine.


Its sales skyrocketed during the pandemic, mainly in the first months in which its products were the most sought after by millions of people. to disinfect all types of surfaces.


This is a popular brand among millennials with young children and generation X. This is the most trusted brand by Americans, although it still has challenges to meet, such as expanding the range of skin tones it offers in its products.

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