10 controversial secrets about the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu

Learn incredible facts about how to get the freshest hamburger and fries. And find out which menu items are best to avoid due to their expiration date or tons of sugar.

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We all have secrets, the truth is that when it comes to the food industry and the most popular fast food chains, More! And of course fast-food giant McDonald’s is no exceptionIn fact it seems that the most popular fast food chain in the world has many secrets up its sleeve. Fortunately, many current and former employees are more than willing to open the conversation on Reddit, and the reality is that the findings have been quite surprising. Some are great tips for getting the freshest fries and burgers.. While others leave us lessons for future purchases, finally who would think that the iconic apple pie is better to avoid? Or that the traditional iced tea recipe calls for a 5-pound bag of white sugar. Without good, the succulent options that McDonald’s menu offers have never been recognized as the healthiest food alternatives: enjoying it occasionally is delicious. Learn about some of the most controversial secrets of our beloved McDonald’s, they will surely be of great use in your next purchases.

1. Sweet tea has a lot of sugar

We tend to think of McDonald’s iced tea as a refreshing, lighter, and healthier alternative to sodas. However, this is not the case: the conversation started when a customer observed that the tea tastes like pure Splenda and a McDonald’s employee confirmed that there is a good reason for it. The recipe calls for a five pound bag of sugar for a five gallon bucket. So now you know, there’s a whole pound of white sugar in just one gallon of McDonald’s sweet tea – what a way to increase calories! Plus, by now we all know that sugar is one of the deadliest enemies of good health.

2. There is a trick to getting fresh french fries

One of the most iconic items on the McDonald’s menu and a favorite of many people are the French fries, in fact they have positioned themselves as one of the best-selling items in the history of the chain. The truth is that we have all experienced on more than one occasion that potatoes are not so fresh, when what we are all looking for is that incredible texture when freshly prepared. The reality is that on numerous occasions we ended up eating old potatoes, which were made at the beginning of the day. However, we have good news! According to McDonald’s employees it is possible to get a batch of fresh potato chips and in fact it is a surefire way to ensure that they are freshly prepared: Ask for them without salt. In such a way that they will be forced to prepare a special portion without salt, since the others usually have a lot of salt as part of the original recipe. Plus, it’s a better habit for your heart health.

3. McDonald’s charges customers more for certain ingredients.

On many occasions we do not usually realize it, but there are some items on the McDonald’s menu in which they tend to charge more for certain ingredients. A clear example is when a customer asks for the “Poor Man’s Big Mac” (a McDouble with Mac sauce and shredded lettuce): You will be charged 30 cents for the Mac sauce and 20-30 cents for the lettuce. However, not everything is bad since if the burger you chose has something you don’t want, you can remove it and add something similar for FREE. So now you know, you can always customize your hamburgers in such a way that they contain the elements that you love and with this information, it is very possible that you will not be charged extra.

4. You should always check the number of patties when ordering a Double Quarter Pounder

Recently an employee of the fast food giant shared a “life hack” from McDonald’s. It’s great advice, so if you order a double quarter pound, Always make sure to verify that there are actually two burgers. According to different internal company sources, about one out of every three times a hamburger will be missing. And that’s not all, when you are missing an ingredient from the original recipe, you are entitled to a free apple pie. Apparently the money they save on pies for those who don’t check out is worth the money they lose on apple pies for those who do.

5. Believe it or not: apple pie is not such a reliable item

When you think of one of the most hygienic, practical and accessible items on the menu, apple pie is likely to come to mind: always available and perfectly packaged. However, when asking employees which item we should never ask for: the majority answered without hesitation “the Apple pie.” The reason is because when they expire, they simply give the label a new expiration date. So it is very likely that you are never consuming fresh cakes. Terrible find for lovers of this classic!

6. You can always return the food and get a refund

Normally we are not used to returning food and less at McDonald’s, however this is possible for whatever reason you have. One of the Reddit users asked if the chain accepts food returns and the answer was yes, as long as you have your receipt on hand. So now you know, do not settle for a product that is bad and demand your refund.

7. Another unreliable element: the ice cream machine is not always clean

Typical that you have a craving for a milkshake or ice cream and the answer is always: at the moment we do not have desserts available, since we are cleaning the machine. So what is the real story? A McDonald’s cook clarified that the smoothie machine is cleaned once a week and the process takes two to three hours. Therefore clarified, that it is much more likely that you will not be able to get your ice cream or milkshake because the machine frequently goes into the “freezer lock”. All employees agree that the ice cream machine can be a real toothache, The main reason is that if someone is not watching the ice cream level and it goes too low, it goes into the freezer lock. Usually only a few managers know how to get the machine out of this freezer lock and even if they are there it takes hours to get the machine working again. So normally the excuse for clients, that is to say that it is being cleaned and the reality is that it has happened to all of us.

9. Don’t order items from the breakfast menu in the evening

For many McDonald’s lovers, some breakfast items are the most attractive for dinner. however one cook advised that it is best to steer clear of ordering these breakfast items in the afternoon and evening. The main reason is that They are foods that were prepared very early in the day and are usually left in a warm place throughout the day and with this the risk of suffering from food poisoning is considerably increased. Remember that previously prepared food should always be kept refrigerated.

10. There is a way to get the freshest hamburger

We all want to enjoy a freshly prepared burger, it honestly makes all the difference in taste, texture and quality. One of the infallible tips from McDonald’s chefs to enjoy a fresh and fresh hamburger is to order the meat without salt or pepper. Maybe the cooks will hate you a little, but they will be forced to make it from scratch and on the spot.

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