10 homemade dessert recipes for the summer

Cold or fresh desserts are ideal to be enjoyed during the hot season. There is a wide variety of delicious options to enjoy, from popsicles and ice cream to cakes.

We share 10 easy homemade dessert recipes for summer, including rice pudding and the classic lemon pie.

1. Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

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This ice cream is a delicious, healthy and super easy dessert to prepare. You need very few ingredients: frozen bananas, cocoa and nuts.

2. Iced coffee

Coffee granita
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The coffee granita is a refreshing and stimulating dessert that you prepare in 10 minutes. For a healthy version, opt for low-fat milk, skip the sugar and whipped cream.

3. Chocolate Covered Vanilla Popsicles

Chocolate lollipops
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If you like creamy and refreshing desserts and love vanilla ice cream and chocolate, you can treat yourself to some chocolate covered vanilla ice pops that are very easy to prepare.

4. Yogurt ice cream

Yogurt ice cream
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Frozen yogurt is a delicious and nutritious dessert option, you can make a healthy version by opting for yogurt with no added sugar and adding sweetness with other ingredients like fruit or natural zero calorie sweeteners like Stevia.

5. Rice pudding

rice pudding
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Rice pudding is a homemade dessert that you can make with few ingredients from your kitchen. The main ingredients are rice, milk, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and raisins.

6. Chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse
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Chocolate mousse is refreshing, delicious, and one of the easiest desserts to make. You need to follow four steps and have four ingredients on hand: sugar, chocolate, butter and eggs.

7. Lemon Pie

Lemon pie
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Lemon pie or lemon pie is one of the most popular summer desserts, sweet, with a citrus touch and refreshing. Its preparation is not complicated and you do it in less than an hour.

8. Philadelphia Cheesecake

Cheesecake is an easy and quick recipe for which you do not need an oven and that you have ready in 30 minutes. You can add the jam of your favorite flavor.

9. Strawberry mousse

Strawberry mousse
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Preparing a strawberry mousse takes less than 30 minutes and you only need four ingredients: strawberries, cream, eggs and sugar.

10. Yogurt cake

yogurt cake
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The homemade yogurt cake is a dessert that you can prepare with natural yogurt and Greek yogurt. A dessert that can be a healthy option if you choose the right ingredients.

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