10 reasons to have a table for one

It’s a movie staple … that poor soul in a seedy restaurant dining alone. Eating alone is also the theme of many songs and more than one painting. It’s always good to go out to dinner with friends, but sometimes enjoying a table for one is even more relaxing. You don’t have to carry on a conversation, you can focus on enjoying your dinner or catching up on reading. In fact, a recent survey found that Americans eat most of their meals alone.

Andy Brennan, a senior research analyst at IBISWorld firm says: “Many restaurants are accommodating single diners with more bar space. Dining alone is no longer a social stigma“. For example: In Amsterdam, the restaurant Eenmaal It only offers tables for one. It’s time to be bold, seek out new dining experiences, and adapt to eating alone. If you need more reasons why eating alone is a blessing and not a curse, read the following:

1. Food bar


Eating alone, it is recommended that you do it at the bar. You’ll have the bartender there to talk, the food will most likely arrive faster and hotter, and you won’t have to worry about getting a cool drink whenever you want.

2. Alone

After a hectic day sometimes you just want to be alone. Why not be alone where you can enjoy good food and people?

3. When food is for one person it is faster

A woman enjoying food

The individual tables are easy to serve and easy to clean. They could be tucked into a small space but that just gives you a good view of the place.

4. Enjoy the food

Let’s say you love Indian food and your partner doesn’t. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your personal culinary preferences guilt-free. If you are going to eat alone in a restaurant, eat what you like.

5. Open a book


There never seems to be enough time to read as much as we would like. A lonely meal allows you to retrieve the latest best-seller, a professional magazine, or just the local newspaper. And no one is going to think that rude.

6. No food police

Do you know the food pyramid perfectly and sometimes decide to ignore it? Alone, you can enjoy food without worrying about your dinner companions raising an eyebrow. So go ahead, order the second dessert.

7. There is an App for that

A woman with a plate of food sitting with her cell phone

Eating alone allows you to be attached to your smartphone or tablet without worrying about being rude.

8. Keep i live love

Madina Bashizadah He recently tweeted a poignant photo of an elderly man eating alone with a photo of his late wife sitting at the table next to him at a burger joint. The heartwarming photo went viral and the incredible love story behind it makes it even better.

9. Enjoy the experience of eating alone

A woman enjoying food

Without the distraction of dinner companions, you can really take the time to enjoy your meal, immerse yourself in the atmosphere, and enjoy the present moment.

10. Make friends

Many restaurants have communal tables where you can sit with other diners alone. You will have a good meal and make new friends at the same time.

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