10 recipes with fish and seafood for Lent

The Lenten season is ideal to prepare a wide variety of delicious recipes with fish and seafood.

There are hot and cold options and easy-to-prepare recipes.; recipes such as fish in coconut sauce, stuffed peppers, shrimp croquettes; as well as dishes inspired by cuisine from different parts of the worldlike the Mexican aguachile, the Spanish seafood paella, Italian lasagna with tuna or a Portuguese cod.

10 recipes with fish and seafood

1. Fish fillets in coconut sauce

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Fish and coconut are a good combination. Preparing fish fillets in coconut sauce is very easy and requires few ingredients, mainly fresh fish such as hake, corvina or grouper and coconut milk.

2. Aguachile

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Aguachile is a typical preparation from the coast of Sinaloa, Mexico. It is usually accompanied with beer or tequila. Includes shrimp ceviche, lemon juice, red onion, pepper, cucumber, piquín chili or green chili (serrano or jalapeño).

3. Easy seafood paella

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Seafood paella or rice a la marinera is a classic of Spanish cuisine that you can prepare at home with this easy recipe; its preparation requires less than an hour.

4. Shrimp pancakes

shrimp croquettes
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Shrimp pancakes are a classic recipe of the Lenten season, you can accompany them with a wide variety of side dishes and serve them with broth or sauce. We share one basic recipe with only five ingredients.

5. Tuna stuffed peppers with cheese

Stuffed peppers-
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When you have little time and energy to cook, the stuffed peppers with tuna with cheese are a great option, since they are a quick and easy preparation. A simple and tasty dish.

6. Baked fish and potatoes

Fish and chips
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Baked fish with potatoes is a tasty, soft and juicy dish that requires very few ingredients and is easy to prepare. You need fish, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, spices, salt and lemon.

7. Hake casserole

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The hake in the casserole is a comforting, soupy and hot recipe. A dish that includes fish and shellfish, ideal for a celebration or family meal.

8. Tuna lasagna

Tuna lasagne
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If you love lasagna, you can cook this Italian dish with tuna. It is an easy recipe with layers of flavor for which you need less than an hour in the kitchen.

9. Portuguese style cod

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Portuguese style cod is an easy recipe that includes ingredients such as white wine, potatoes, olive oil and olives.

10. Fish soup

Fish soup
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The fish soup is a tasty and nutritious preparation that includes white fish fillets, prawns and a selection of vegetables.

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