10 rights the IRS is required to respect for all taxpayers

10 rights the IRS is required to respect for all taxpayers

The IRS is required to notify you when it has decided to audit you and cannot investigate you further than the law requires.

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You, as a taxpayer, have several rights that the IRS must fulfill, so you must always have them present to demand them in case they do not respect you. Next, we present them to you:

1 – Right to be informed

You have the right to know that the IRS is required to comply with the tax law. Therefore, they must give you clear explanations about their laws in all the procedures they carry out.

Too you have the right to receive clear explanations about all decisions made regarding your taxes.

2 – Right to receive a quality service

This means that you have the right to be treated by the IRS in a timely, courteous, and professional manner. In addition, they must explain everything clearly so that you understand everything.

3 – Right not to pay more than what you owe

You only have to pay what you owe according to the law, including the interest and penalties that have been generated. No more.

4 – Right to question the IRS

That is you have the right to object to decisions the IRS has made regarding your taxes, as well as providing the necessary documentation in response to said resolution. The IRS must consider all of your documentation and is also required to give you an answer.

5 – Right to appeal an IRS decision

You can receive an appeal hearing on most decisions the IRS makes regarding your taxes, including the application of penalties. The IRS is required to respond to your appeals.

6 – Right to have a resolution

This means that the IRS must tell you how long it will take to make a resolution by reviewing your tax year, It can’t keep you waiting indefinitely. They should also let you know when they have decided to audit you.

7 – Right to privacy

Any action the IRS takes regarding your tax decision must comply with the law. Therefore, the agency cannot investigate your matters any more than necessary.

8 – Right to confidentiality

You have the right that all the information you give the IRS will never be disclosed, unless you authorize it or it is carried out by some legal procedure. If any IRS employee or vendor discloses your information, the agency is required to file actions against them.

9 – Right to hire a representative

Taxpayers have the right to choose and hire an authorized representative so that it represents them in their dealings with the IRS.

10 – Right to have a fair tax system

If you are in a difficult financial situation and cannot meet your tax obligations with the IRS, then you have the right to have the agency consider your situation and offer you appropriate options.

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