10 tips to make the best waffles, crispy and fluffy at the same time

10 tips to make the best waffles, crispy and fluffy at the same time

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Perfect Waffles: golden in color, crisp on the outside, light on the inside, tasting delicious without being overpowering. Whether sweet or savory, perfect for a sweet breakfast or dinner. We share the basic tips to prepare the best waffles and avoid dense or soggy waffles.

1. Fine dough

Thinner batters make waffles crispier. For this you must add the correct proportions of liquid (milk or buttermilk). The buttermilk provides great flavor. You can use half buttermilk and half normal milk.

2. Add enough fat

Fat is responsible for the golden color. You can use oil, melted butter, or cream. Vegetable oil may be better than butter since it will make your dough thinner. The best waffles are high in fat, more than one tablespoon per waffle.

3. Separate the eggs

If you want light waffles, separate the eggs, add the yolks to the batter with the liquid ingredients and then beat the whites to medium peaks and fold them at the end of the mixture.

4. Mix separately

Mix the dry ingredients first. Beat the liquid ingredients separately, then add to the dry ingredient mixture.

5. Combine carefully

The ingredients must be completely combined, but without overmixing as the dough may harden.

6. Add vanilla

Add some vanilla or amaretto liqueur for a hint of flavor to the mix. You can add this ingredient while beating the egg whites.

7. Very hot waffle iron

To make waffles it is worth having a device for it. Try not to be a multifunctional. A waffle maker that has the specific setting for making waffles is more convenient for best results.

8. Very hot and greased iron

Make sure the iron is very hot. Grease the surface on which you will cook your waffles. Even if you use a nonstick griddle, this will help your waffles slide. Use nonstick spray, butter, or just plain vegetable oil.

9. Don’t ruin the waffle

It can be tempting to lift the lid of the waffle iron to check how your waffle is doing, but that can ruin it. Let the light, sound, or steam coming from the side tell you that the waffle is ready. The steam will decrease considerably once the waffle begins to brown.

10. Use the oven

Keep your waffles client and crisp while you finish cooking the remaining batter. Place the finished waffles on a wire rack in the preheated 350 ° F oven. The oven helps remove excess moisture from the surface. Do not stack them to prevent them from getting soggy.

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