12 teenagers arrested for playing Ouija board in a cemetery

They surprise youngsters who illegally entered a cemetery.

Photo: @OroNegroMx / Courtesy

What started as a prank ended up in prison, because 12 teenagers They were arrested for breaking into a graveyard municipal, drug use and play ouija board to the north of Mexico. The kidsbetween 14 and 17 years of age, were surprised and referred to a judge who analyzes the case for public disturbances.

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Of the minors apprehended, nine of them are men and three women; They are all classmates and neighbors. Apparently they were discovered by the guards of the cemetery, who heard laughter and screams, so they called the number of emergencies 911.

The police reported that when they arrived at the scene there were 15 teenagers in different graves, but 3 of them managed to escape. One of the detained girls tested positive for anti-doping, she had consumed marijuana.

The youngsters spent several hours detained, interrogated and subjected to various toxicological tests; they were later released and handed over to their relatives and guardians, who paid a fine.

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