12-year-old girl shoots her father in Texas

A 12 year old girl Shooting against her father to later run away from home and shoot herself, according to authorities from Weatherford, Texas, who initially responded to a call for a shooting. Both the minor and her parent are in the hospital.

According to information revealed by the local police, the girl planned the murder of his family along with another minor, who was charged with criminal conspiracy. They specified that due to the sensitivity of the case, little information will be released to the media.

Texas has been the scene of bloody shootings in recent months as recently American Post News reported on the case of a pregnant woman who was shot to death during her baby shower party. Police said the assailant fired from a car.

Texas girl planned to flee to Georgia

The minor was hospitalized There were two deaths from shooting in Texas

According to the reconstruction of the events, the girl involved in this crime planned to murder her family, along with another minor who would also do the same, so that later the two could flee from Texas to Georgia. However, after shooting her father, the minor repented.

After injuring her father in the abdomen, the minor fled her home and in her desperation attempted against her life by shoot yourself in the head. The police arrived and found the violent scene when they saw the minor lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the head and the man inside with a bullet in the abdomen.

Both were taken to hospital due to the severity of their injuries. So far, the health status of both is unknown, particularly that of the girl, who had a bullet in her head.

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Texas shooting

Two people were killed in a shooting in Texas.

A shooting was reported in Texas, near the Uvalde elementary school, where one of the bloodiest school massacres in the United States occurred in May, with 22 dead, including the shooter. On this occasion there were two victims during a confrontation between gangs.

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