12 years later, Lady Gaga’s unexpected Mariachi rendition of ‘Born This Way’ in Los Angeles still delights fans

Celebrating her birthday in LA, Gaga's surprise mariachi set leaves fans eager for more regional Mexican genre interpretations.

Lady Gaga is one of the stars who will never stop being a trend because of her extravagant personality and because she had given her fans unforgettable moments, like the one she experienced some time ago when she performed one of her greatest hits to the rhythm of a mariachi band.

In this context, fans of the star who will star in the second installment of The Joker alongside Joaquin Phoenix relived the iconic moment in which the American celebrity performs a “palomazo” to the delight of those in a restaurant in Los Angeles.

It should be noted that, as we reported in American Post News, the celebrity has sparked a furor with this video, but also for her new physical appearance, as it seems that her role in The Joker has absorbed even her will to live, as she looks fragile. Her features are no longer the same.

Lady Gaga sings with Mariachi.

Lady Gaga sorprende a fans mexicanos al cantar con Mariachi
Lady Gaga surprises Mexican fans when she sings with Mariachi

Back to Gaga’s viral video, which was recorded 12 years ago and is circulating on Tiktok, when the interpreter of “Bad Romance” surprised by singing with Mariachi while she was enjoying a delicious dinner at a restaurant in Las Angeles, California.

The famous singer was there to celebrate her 25th birthday, so Mariachi Sol de Mexico was there to sing “las mañanitas.” Still, everything took an unexpected turn when they began to play the song “Poker Face.”

This is what Lady Gaga sounds like accompanied by Mariachi

In the viral clip, you can see how Lady, who wears a black dress, stands up from her seat to sing “Born This Way” to the rhythm of the mariachi. After the video went viral, many were amazed by the famous’s talent and asked her to venture into the regional Mexican genre because her voice was not bad at all.