15 reasons why writing by hand is important

Ah, the art of the handwritten note. Does it sound familiar to you? When was the last time you wrote a letter? No, not an email. Not a text message or a Facebook message. When was the last time you took a real pen and a piece of paper and physically wrote a note? Today it seems that writing by hand is becoming a lost art. And while email and text messages can be easier and faster, handwritten notes have their benefits, too.

Sometimes you put more meaning behind your words when you write them physically. Author Nelson DeMille once said, “I like the pen and paper process as opposed to a machine. I think writing is best when done by hand. ” Maybe he is right. Handwork can be more personalized and creative, plus it takes a little more effort, showing people how much you care about them. A handwritten note is a classic form of communication that can be meaningful and special, regardless of the latest technology. Here are 15 reasons why the art of the handwritten note needs to be revived.

1. Show that you care


Sometimes it’s not about what you send, but how much effort you put into it. Sending an email may be faster, but it only takes a few seconds to write it. Sending a handwritten note through the mail (or hand-delivered) takes more time and effort.

2. A note shows good manners

Ask any etiquette expert and they’ll agree that a handwritten note shows a level of maturity and manners that no digital medium could ever match. Show that you respect traditional values ​​and appreciate the recipient enough to write and deliver a personalized handwritten note.

3. The note highlights your individuality

A pen on top of a note for someone

Anyone can write a thank you note using Times New Roman and some smiley emoticons. But there is nothing personal about a digital letter. Handwritten note art, on the other hand, shows your personality. Show your unique writing style, expose your flaws when you write something wrong, and show exactly what you mean.

4. Show that you invested time

The next time you write an email, time how long it takes you to write and send it. Then write the same note by hand and time the process again. Not surprisingly, it takes longer to write something by hand. That is the point. A traditional letter written with paper and pen shows that you invested time and effort to deliver your message in a personalized way.

5. Makes you stand out

A pen on top of note paper

If you are sending a follow-up note after an interview, then you want to make sure you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Depending on your area, a handwritten note might make the impression you need. If you’re looking for a creative role, then a handwritten note “can be a smart branding opportunity,” says Barbara Pachter, etiquette expert and author of The Essentials of Business Etiquette.

6. You will support the USPS

Postal mail is declining in this age when technology trumps other forms of communication. By handwriting and mailing notes, you are supporting the USPS and helping to keep jobs in a dying industry.

7. The note makes it much more personal

A pen drawing a line on a note

People love receiving handwritten notes and cards. There is something exciting about receiving something in the mail other than a receipt or coupon. According to Daniel Post Senning (the great-great grandson of label author Emily Post), people still appreciate “the art of the postage stamp, the feel of the paper, the graphic quirks of a friend’s handwriting: I just don’t there is nothing as personal as a handwritten note. “

8. You can express yourself with beautiful paper

Remember when you were a little girl and received your first personalized stationery set with your name on it? It feels very special to have things that only you can use. And that feeling doesn’t go away. There are tons of beautiful stationery options that you can choose from. It is another opportunity to show your unique style not only with what you write, but also with what you write about.

9. Helps you practice your handwriting


You spend years of your early life learning to write in a variety of ways. Some of us even took calligraphy classes. But what happened to those skills? In an age where we type more than we speak, many of us have forgotten how to write something. Our handwriting skills have been ruined by the “use it or lose it” theory. If you commit to writing your notes, birthday cards and letters by hand, you will regain your ability to write neatly or at least legibly.

10. Make a strong first impression

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Why not make a fortune by sending a handwritten note? A handwritten note shows that you are willing to go the extra mile, that you have good values ​​and a good work ethic.

11. Gives you a chance to buy some great new stamps


We’re not saying you should start collecting stamps, but if you wanted to, you would have options. And even if you’re only going to buy them to use, you can still have fun choosing them. Did you know that there are stamps with themes? They also have limited edition designs and you can even get personalized stamps with your own photo or message.

12. Everyone needs a good pen for a note

Back-to-school shopping was always our favorite part of the process. Walking into a stationery store and buying all the notebooks, pens, and tools you would need for the year felt like a fresh start. And years later it’s still exciting to get your hands on a really cool pen. Also, a good pen can change the way you write, so be sure to try different types before choosing.

13. Gives the container something special to store and treasure


Yes, emails last forever, but that doesn’t mean you’ll ever treasure their existence. A handwritten note is something the recipient can put away, look at, and smile with. We still have letters from camp and cards from our wedding day. They really feel special even years later ..

14. It is exciting to receive a note in the mail

Opening your mailbox used to be fun before it was full of receipts, solicitations, and junk. Make email fun again by sending handwritten notes that will give your loved ones excitement instead of annoyance.

15. It’s just a classic way of communicating


There is something special about communicating the way you did when you were a child. It’s not that fast and maybe not that easy, but it’s a classic and the art of writing a handmade note is your way of paying tribute to a practice that has brought happiness to so many people for so long. It’s simple: handwritten notes are always better.

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