15 traits of readers that make them “cool people”

The first of November is Book Lovers’ Day, and we are happy because we love books and we never finish listing the countless benefits of reading. It’s great to have avid readers around, we’re talking about our kids, friends, parents, lovers, or even ourselves. Vladimir Nabokov couldn’t have said it better in Lolita: “I need you, reader, to imagine ourselves, because we don’t exist if you don’t.” As voracious readers, we have fuel with the mere existence of literature. We demand the production of non-fiction work and we keep valuable bookstores on the market. Also, we are generally very smart. So in honor of this day, we celebrate, with 15 things about readers that make them fantastic.

1. They are easy to give away

A key advantage is that readers are easy to give away. You can choose the latest work by their favorite author, an early edition of their favorite book, or just give them a gift card at a bookstore. Seriously, it is very easy.

2. Readers are smarter


People who read a lot tend to know a lot also because they have read about it in a book. We know this sounds a bit silly but there are a lot of people who believes that they know a lot of things but they don’t really know much about anything. A reader is someone you can trust to know what they are talking about.

3. They are smarter

In addition to getting more information from the reading, the investigations show that reading helps build vocabulary and cognitive skills. Incredible, huh? Makes you want to read books from time to time.