15-Year-Old autistic Sean Andrade achieves academic success and graduates at Sewanhaka High School in Floral Park

The young man said he loves robotics and was part of the winning team at the Long Island Robotics Championship.

A teenager with cerebral palsy and autism graduated with honors in New York after completing his last year of school at 15. Sean Andrade achieved academic success at Sewanhaka High School in Floral Park, Long Island.

On top of that, the young man will become the youngest student on campus at Stony Brook University, where he hopes to earn a full scholarship. “If you’re determined to do something, you can make it,” he said during an interview for Fox News 5.

During that interview, he recounts that he was able to read before he could walk, and then he skipped a fourth grade in school. By seventh grade, he was ready to skip another grade and go straight to ninth grade. His mother, Kelly, said she was proud of Sean Andrade’s academic studies and goals.

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According to Principal Nichole Allen of Sewanhaka High School, Sean is the unique student she has ever seen. In addition, the school’s guidance counselor, Vincent Brazil, said Andrade had a strong sense of academic balance and talent.

On that note, Sean said he loves robotics and was part of the Long Island Robotics Championship-winning team. “I know facial expression because of autism, it’s like you can’t see it that well, but when I’m focused, I’m the happiest person I see myself being,” Andrade asserted.