Missing NJ teenager from Avenel falls from Deutsche Bank Center Tower across from Central Park in New York City

Teenager Noah Legaspi's body discovered at Deutsche Bank Center Tower; family speaks on mental health, recalls aspirations in fashion design.

A tragic turn of events has been unveiled in New York’s illustrious Deutsche Bank Center Tower, where the body of 17-year-old Noah Legaspi was discovered days after he had been reported missing in New Jersey. Located opposite Central Park, the Deutsche Bank Center Tower occupies the top 19 floors of the 55-story structure, previously known as Time Warner Center until 2021. The exclusive Mandarin Oriental hotel is also housed within this tower.

The NYPD revealed that on Thursday the 17th, shortly after 9 p.m., Legaspi, clad in pajamas, is believed to have accessed the building’s rooftop using a service elevator and subsequently fell. The teen had been declared missing the same day, according to statements from the police and his family.

Delving into the circumstances of his presence at the location, authorities indicated that Legaspi was neither a registered guest nor a resident at the hotel. He bore no identification, leading investigators to surmise that he gained entry through a loading dock and used a service elevator to ascend to the 21st floor.

The heart-wrenching timeline of events began to unfold when Legaspi’s father last saw him on Thursday, dropping him off at his girlfriend’s residence in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. After that, the family lost contact with him, prompting an earnest search over the subsequent days.

Only on Monday evening, the NYPD approached the Legaspi residence in Avenel, New Jersey. The family then distressingly confirmed the identity of the young individual captured on surveillance footage entering the Deutsche Bank Center, as reported by the Daily News.

Luis Legaspi, Noah’s elder brother, lamented, “It’s a mental health thing. Even amidst his internal turmoil, Noah always found a way to brighten someone’s day. His demons and insecurities, unfortunately, overwhelmed him.”

Piecing together the young man’s last moments, the family presumes a recent breakup with his girlfriend might have led him to call a cab to Manhattan. Noah, a senior at Colonia High School in Colonia, New Jersey, aspired to a career in fashion design. Elias Legaspi, his father, proudly shared that Noah had taken steps toward his dream by apprenticing as a tailor over the summer.

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