18 governors of Morena claim the INE through a statement

Governors of Morena they have asked National Electoral Institute (INE) reconsider the decision of the Revocation of Mandate. Through a press release, the leaders rejected the arguments that seek to prevent the free exercise of the right to democracy.

The governors accused that the councilors of the electoral body found it easier to explain why not to make the exercise of the right possible, since the leaders are in favor of the rights that citizens have enshrined in the Magna Carta for participation in the construction of democracy.

Last December 17 we shared you in AmericanPost.News that the INE suspended the revocation of the mandate. The electoral body mentioned that it is not canceled, it is only postponed until it has sufficient resources, declared Lorenzo Córdoba, president of the institute.

Governors of Morena criticize the INE through a statement

Governors of Morena sign PRI initiative supports INE before suspension of revocation consultation

In the statement they indicate that the decision of the members of the Institute goes against the provisions of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), in the same way they mention that it violates consecrated political rights.

It is worth mentioning that the governors of Morena who signed the initiative are: Marina del Pilar Ávila, from Baja California, as well as from Baja California Sur, Víctor Castro; from Campeche, Governor Layda Sansores; Rutilio Escandón from Chiapas; Indira Vizcaíno Silva from Colima.

Similarly, the governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado; Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla from Michoacán; Cuauhtémoc Blanco de Morelos; Miguel Ángel Navarro from Nayarit; Miguel Barbosa from Puebla; from San Luis Potosí, Ricardo Gallardo; Rubén Rocha from Sinaloa.

As well as Alfonso Durazo de Sonora; Carlos Manuel Merino from Tabasco; Lorena Cuéllar from Tlaxcala; from Veracruz Cuitláhuac García and David Monreal from Zacatecas. They were the leaders who signed the initiative after the suspension of the consultation.

For his part, the president counselor of the INE, mentioned that the institute will continue to advance with respect to the review of the millions of support signatures that are arriving, either via an application or in physical formats, so that the review will give the certainty on the call to be issued by the INE.

He also explained that there are viable ways out for the realization, since the Chamber of Deputies could modify or adjust the Expenditure Budget or the President of the Republic, with a presidential instruction, could instruct the Ministry of Finance.

PRI supports INE after suspension of revocation of mandate

PRI supports the INE before the suspension of the revocation consultation

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) turned to social networks to support the INE’s decision to temporarily postpone the mandate revocation consultation, as Alejandro Morena Cárdenas mentioned that the waste of resources cannot be privileged in an exercise that tries to simulate participation.

The political party commented that the decision taken by majority vote in the General Council does not cancel or suspend only a pause until the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation issues a final ruling, for now the Governors of Morena they launched against the INE and shared an initiative.

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