19-year-old American dies at the hands of Mexicans for a debt of $ 2,000

19-year-old American dies at the hands of Mexicans for a debt of $ 2,000

The death of a young American in Tijuana, Mexico, would lead two Mexicans to pay life imprisonment or the death penalty.

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In May 2020, the case of a 19-year-old American young man who died in cold blood at the hands of two Mexicans in a hotel in Tijuana, Mexico, caught the eye of the media for the way he was assassinated.

According to Univision, At gunpoint three men kidnapped the young man and kept him in a hotel where they negotiated with his family, via video call on Facebook, his freedom and although everything seemed to indicate that he would be released, in the end they ended his life.

The victim, who has been identified as MAR, had been arrested on May 28, 2020 for trying to crossing a border checkpoint with drugs hidden in the body.

According to the prosecution, one of the accused, Wyatt Valencia Pacheco, intimidated the victim through messages via Messenger where he ordered the victim to return the drugs immediately or pay $ 2,000.

The 19-year-old, upon being cornered, asked for more time, but his pleas were ignored.

The crime according to federal prosecutors based on a report prepared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is apparently linked to a theft of three pounds of methamphetamine, for which the young man was required to pay between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000.

“In Spanish, Valencia told the victim that he ‘screwed up’ and that now he had to assume responsibility, because they gave us two hours to pay the shit,” you can read in the official statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

So far two Mexicans have been charged with the murder. It is known that Wyatt Valencia Pacheco, 21, and a neighbor of the state of Tijuana appeared in recent days before the Federal court of San Diego, California, but a judge denied him the right to bail.

While, Jonathan Emmanuel Miontellano Mora, 22, is a fugitive from justice.

The two Mexicans are charged with hostage-taking, death, and intentional murder during drug trafficking. The charges for which Mexicans are accused reach a sentence of life imprisonment or death penalty.

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