2 dead, 10 injured in shooting at Cedar Rapids nightclub in Iowa

Those injured in the shooting were taken to different local hospitals for medical attention.

Photo: Alexi J. Rosenfel/Getty Images

Two people died and at least 10 were injured in a shooting at a nightclub located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the early hours of this Sunday.informed the authorities.

The incident occurred shortly before 1:30 a.m. at Taboo Nightclub and Lounge, the Cedar Rapids Police Department said in a report. The venue had hosted a ’90s-themed party, according to a social media post.

Officers were routinely patrolling the scene at the time the shooting began, so they were able to immediately respond to the shooting, the statement said.

The authorities secured the crime scene and reported that “there is no threat to public safety.”

Police officials did not give details about possible suspects or arrests in this regard. Investigations continue Sunday, with investigators asking anyone who was “present at the time of the shooting or with knowledge of the incident” to contact detectives, the statement read.

Those injured in the shooting were taken to different local hospitals for medical attention.

The incident came a day after authorities reported another shooting of an off-duty police officer. No one was injured in that shooting when the shots reached the agent’s house and the officer’s patrol car.

For her part, the mayor of Cedar Rapids, Tiffany O’Donnel, issued a statement after the event, thus requesting an end to armed violence in the town.

“Our hearts go out to those affected by last night’s incident. This is not Cedar Rapids. This is not who we are. I want to thank our police officers for their quick response last night and their hard work every day to keep us safe,” O’Donnel said.

He also added that “The Cedar Rapids Police Department is working hard to bring the person(s) responsible to justice. As citizens, we can play an active role in preventing these incidents before they happen.. This means respecting one another, solving problems peacefully, and holding ourselves and others accountable. Together we can build the safe and welcoming community we want for Cedar Rapids,” wrote the Mayor of Cedar Rapids.

Likewise, Chuck Grassley, senator for the state of Iowa, spoke about it, saying on the social network Twitter that “violence is never the answer.”

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