2 migrants from Yucatan die in the United States: one was murdered

At least two migrants from Yucatan, originating specifically from Oxkutzcab, they died in San Francisco, California, U.SThis was revealed by the Oxnet news portal of this community, located in the south of the State and with high rates of migration.

According to the information, one of the migrants from Yucatan he died murdered in the dangerous neighborhood of Tenderloin and the other in unclear circumstances, since his body was found in the morgue of that city, which shocked his family.

One of the Yucatán migrants was killed in a dangerous neighborhood in San Francisco, California. The Yucatan migrants had lived in the United States for several years.

Regarding the murdered Yucatecan, it was reported that he is Santos Eduardo DE, 31 years old, a man born in the Xohuayán police station who had been living in San Francisco, California, for 15 years. U.S.

The murder was perpetrated in Tenderloin, a neighborhood in downtown San Francisco, which is considered by the authorities as dangerous, since it is an area of ​​crime and violence and with many people living on the streets.

Strange death of a migrant from Yucatan

The Yucatan migrants had lived in the United States for several years.

It is known that the San Francisco Police Department has started an investigation of the crime, so now there is only a long way to go for the body of Santos Eduardo to be repatriated and his family to give him a Christian burial.

Regarding the other migrant from Yucatan, It was reported that his name was Jimmy AS, who was reported missing since last December 22, but a few days ago his body appeared at the offices of the San Francisco forensic service.

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The news portal reported that Jimmy had left four years ago to live in the United States, since his family was fleeing from the Yucatan justice, although it is not known what were the crimes for which they were persecuted by the authorities.

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