20 celebrities we will always love

People born between October 23 and November 21, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, tend to be strong, tenacious, strong-willed, and sexy. Considering the amount of scrutiny celebrities endure and the need to be smart, innovative, and resilient to survive the industry, it’s no wonder there are so many famous Scorpios.

Being a symbol of water, Scorpio is associated with sensitivity, creativity and a certain melancholy. As the famous painter Pablo Picasso said: “The artist is a receptacle of emotions that come from everywhere; from heaven, from earth, from a piece of paper, from a passing form, from a spider’s web. ” In addition to having an artistic temperament and enjoying a certain amount of fame during his lifetime, Picasso was also a Scorpio. With birthdays looming, these are our favorite Scorpios.

1. Ryan Gosling • November 12


From the Mickey Mouse Club to the fire of the big screen in films like Crazy, Stupid Love, this Canadian Scorpio recently had a baby with his pretty Latin girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

2. Actress Scarlett Johansson • November 22

Also a new mom, this famous Scorpio has been on the cover of most magazines and has even been at the top of some “sexiest” lists. He has given his Scorpio acting skills to acclaimed projects like Lost in translation and his voice to strange things like Her.

3. Singer Katy Perry • October 25


Far from subtle when it comes to her hair color or cleavage, this Scorpio pop superstar celebrated her arrival on the third floor last month with pomp, and received a thank you from no one else, no less than Madonna. Even the Queen of Pop made a comment about Katy Perry‘s scorpiosity.

4. Actor Ryan Reynolds • October 23

Expecting his first child with actress Blake Lively, Reynolds burns into his love life and provokes laughter on screen. His balance of charm and Scorpio talent have him starring in romantic comedies and action movies alike.

5. Actress Demi Moore • November 11


Tireless in her search for what she wants, beautiful and threatening. Demi Moore found fame as the queen of the Brat Pack and later became the original cougar when she married the much younger Ashton Kutcher.

6. Cote de Pablo • November 12

This Scorpio is so badass that she performed her own stunts on NCIS. Beauty, talent and even muscle, de Pablo exemplifies famous Scorpios.

7. Star Meg Ryan • November 19

Scorpio Meg Ryan

Is anyone surprised that the actress known for her realistic and comical simulation of an orgasm in a restaurant in When Harry Met Sally be a scorpio? We guessed it.

8. Seth Macfarlane • October 26

More than a musical writer, director or actor, MacFarlane is a force of nature. The man behind one of the longest-running and most censorship-defying television shows, his stinger remains pointed, poisonous, and near-deadly. Not surprisingly, the creator of Family guy be a scorpio.

9. Adrienne Bailon • October 24

An actress, singer and dancer, there is no scene that Adrienne Bailon avoids. This Scorpio made headlines with her gorgeous bikini body during her Mexican birthday celebration this year.

10. Star Jamie Lee Curtis • November 22

Scorpio Jamie Lee Curtis

One of the most daring actresses of the late ’70s and early’ 80s, Jamie Lee Curtis’ rambunctious yet super sexy personality is the ideal projection of the spirit of a Scorpio.

11. Scorpio Whoopi Goldberg • November 13

Funny and deadly, seductive but dangerous, Whoopi’s humor and skill launched her into a career in film and television, through an incredible performance in The Color Purple. This dramatic Scorpio has had less luck in the romantic field where her passions have gone far but were short-lived.

12. Scorpio Kelly Osbourne • October 27

Scorpio Kelly Osbourne

Famous Scorpio Kelly Osbourne has made a career out of stinging other celebrities in the Fashion Police by E !. Kelly is the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon from The Talk. This year he had a Rocky Horror Picture themed birthday to make up for the showdown he had with Lady Gaga last year.

13. Kat Deluna • November 26

Kat Deluna “the unstoppable” is a famous young Scorpio, a Dominican raised in the Bronx who climbed her way to the top in a rough and restless Scorpio way.

14. Tracee Ellis Ross • October 29


This Scorpio actress is the daughter of Diana Ross and has similarly cool hair. Graceful on the small and large screen, she is tenacious and attractive, a lover of challenges and difficult roles.

fifteen. Thandie newton • November 6

From Oprah Winfrey’s adaptation of Toni Morrison’s novel, Beloved, Newton played the impossibly fragile lead role. Taking on other risky projects that have dealt with racism, sexism and other heavy issues, this Scorpio is beautiful and sharp.

16. Scorpio Laura San Giacomo • November 14

The “other” prostitute from Pretty woman, dexy’s sister Sex, Lies and Videotape and star of Just shoot me, San Giacomo has brought his New York-Italian toughness to a complex on-screen character.

17. Actor Sam Rockwell • November 5

Scorpio Sam Rockwell

Eccentric, lonely, mysterious, Rockwell is a scorpio of secrets. Your choices when choosing papers are unusual and interesting, often producing excellent results.

18. Ralph Macchio • November 4

Impossible to believe, but the Karate Kid turns 53 this year. This baby-faced star was able to play young roles in the 80’s and her star roles in movies. Outsiders and karate Kid They used that perfect Scorpio combination of strength and vulnerability.

19. Actor Matthew McConaughey • November 4


This Oscar-winning actor also headlined the very popular first season of True detective on HBO.

20. Maggie Gyllenhaal • November 16

This indie movie princess has always combined her sweet beauty with a darkness that is completely Scorpio. Coming from a show business family, Gyllenhaal eschewed a traditional path and has taken on various independent roles in cult classics such as Secretary.

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