20-year-old man dies after falling onto subway tracks in New York

There has been a reported 20 year oldwhich fell at subway trackswhen he was on the spot he couldn’t get out in time, so the oncoming train crushed her.

This happened at station No.7 of the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, New YorkAround 9:42 p.m. last Tuesday, people nearby saw the woman fall onto the tracks and not get up.

According to the authorities, before a train bound for hudson yards approached her, so when the transport did not see her, it continued on its way, causing the death of the 20-year-old girl.

Details about the young woman who fell on the subway tracks

Details about the young woman who fell on the subway tracks Man falls on the subway tracks

Despite the investigations, so far it is unknown what caused the young woman to end up in the subway transport zone, it has been detailed that the woman had recently moved to New York.

It was originally from Californiain a similar way but in Mexico Citya 90-year-old grandfather fell onto the subway tracks while trying to reach the transport, due to the blow he had a series of injuries.

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Man falls onto subway tracks

Man falls onto subway tracks

In social networks, the video of a man who falls to the subway tracksthis almost caused his death because a train was approaching but he managed react in time and with the help of a subject he got out of this situation.

The police have detailed that the subject was under The effects of alcoholthis caused him to lose his balance and fall onto the tracks, the moment was captured at the RingCentral Coliseum subway station, CaliforniaUSA.

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