2021 culminated for Haaland: The Norwegian forward will not play again until next year

Haaland will miss the remainder of 2021 with a hip injury.

Photo: FASSBENDER / Getty Images

Sad news for Borussia Dortmund, then will have to deal, for the remainder of the year, without star forward Erling Haaland due to a hip injury.

According to the newspaper Bild, the Norwegian forward will not be able to play any game in the remainder of the year, and your evolution will determine when you can rejoin your team, but without a doubt, it will be a very big absence that Dortmund will have to deal with in the face of the Bundesliga that is being played face to face with Bayern Munich.

Jan Aage Fjörtoft, former Norwegian footballer and friend of Haaland and his family confessed to a media in his country that the game that the forward played against Ajax could have been the last of the year for him.

In the same way, the Dortmund coach, Marco Rose, confirmed the hard loss and avoided giving deadlines on a possible return. “I prefer not to speculate. Erling is injured ”, he sentenced.

However, despite the size of the player in the team, Rose declared that her absence must be overcome. “You cannot depend on just one player. Erling is incredibly important to us and we miss him, there is no question. ” Finished.

Haaland started at a frenetic pace this season where he had scored 13 goals and distributed 4 assists in 10 games in all competitions.

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