2022 Super Bowl Split Bets, Rams Slightly Favorite?

Split bets for the 2022 Super Bowl, yes, with the start of the NFL final, the bookmakers are doing their thing. The Los Angeles Rams are still a consensus 4-point favorite, but there has been a lot of support for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The betting company, DraftKings, said it had placed more bets on the Bengals than the Rams in 16 of the 17 states it serves, with Michigan being the only state where they saw more bets on the Rams.

“At this point, Rams and less [48.5] would be the best outcome,” DraftKings director of sports betting Johnny Avello told ESPN Saturday night of both teams making it to the NFL Finals and split betting for the 2022 Super Bowl.

Split bets on Super Bowl 2022

BetMGM would have needed the Rams if the game had started on Sunday morning. Split bets for the 2022 Super Bowl.

For its part, Jason Scott, Vice President of Transactions at BetMGMmade it known that his book would have needed the Rams if the game had started on Sunday morning, but he still said things could change quickly as most of the action is set before 6:30 p.m. US Eastern time.

“I hope that the great players come [el domingo] by ramsScott agreed to ESPN in a text message on Saturday, adding that he hopes his book needs the Bengals closer to kickoff as the 2022 Super Bowl splits are amazing.

Bets advance towards the Super Bowl 2022

Split bets for the 2022 Super Bowl.

Previously AmericanPost.News reported that a Texan millionaire bet 4.5 million dollars on the Bengals in the Super Bowl, now a great player has already put money on the Rams. According to BetMGM, a gambler in Las Vegas placed three $1 million bets on Saturday:

  • Rams -0.5 (+105) in the first quarter
  • Rams -2.5 (-120) in the first half
  • Rams over 13.5 (-115) in the first half

Caesars Sportsbook had it that the Bengals would win the game outright. Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, a Houston furniture store owner, placed two money line bets on Cincinnati totaling $9.5 million with Caesars in Louisiana.

McIngvale, who often uses the betting market to mitigate the risk of promotional gifts from his store, would earn $16.2 million if the Bengals win the Super Bowl.

And it is that split betting for the 2022 Super Bowl caused Caesars to lower the price to bet on the Rams at the end of the week and attracted bettors by Los Angeles to put sportsbooks in a comfortable position before Sunday. The over/under total was sitting at 48.5 on Sunday morning.

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