21 people have died from strange fever in North Korea

The authorities of North Korea have informed that until their last report 21 people have died due a “strange” feverwhich occurred in the midst of the first outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

According to the information, specialists so far cannot confirm that the high temperatures that patients have are treated of a coronavirus signthe country has entered a national lockdown due to the spread of this virus.

Has been the official agency KCNAfrom North Koreawho this Friday, May 13, presented his report, which indicates that there are 174 thousand 440 new cases of strange fever and 21 deathsdoes not specify what amount corresponds to patients with Covid-19.

Details on health complications in North Korea

Details on health complications in the country North Korea and outbreak of coronavirus

It has been revealed that in North Korea they have been counted close to 25 million people that have not been vaccinated, which becomes one more element for your health system to wobble even more.

The most forceful measure that the country has applied is mandatory confinement, which aims to contain the epidemic outbreakbefore the new cases of Covid-19your president Kim Jong Un indicated that:

“The highest priority is to block the spread of the virus by actively closing areas and isolating and treating people with fever responsibly.”

north korea coronavirus

North Korea and coronavirus outbreak

Health experts have indicated that the “explosive” outbreak of Covid-19 in North Korea could be caused by the massive military parade carried out by the government, on April 25, to commemorate the foundation of its army.

Via AmericanPost.News We also inform you that North Korea reports 6 deaths from the Covid-19 outbreak.

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