21-year-old bride dies an hour after her wedding

A family in Egypt went from euphoria and excitement to the worst pain of their lives after a young 21-year-old bride died just an hour after celebrating her wedding., surrounded by a lot of love from her family and friends.

According to local media reports, the bride’s name was Isra Shaaban, which just entered her new home in the town of Meidum, in the Egyptian governorate of Beni Suef, cHe began to feel great fatigue just a few minutes after getting married and celebrate your wedding party.

With the wedding dress still on Shaaban passed out in his new home, shortly after she told her relatives and her now husband that I felt strong pains in my chest.

Immediately, the young woman was taken to a hospital and there the doctors told her family that he had suffered a heart attack. Although they tried to revive her, they could do nothing to save her life.

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