25 killed by catastrophic flooding in Kentucky

The catastrophic flooding in Kentucky they have caused the death of at least 25 people and the governor of the United States entity points out that, unfortunately, this would not be the final figure, given that the heavy rains will continue in the coming days; rescuers are searching for more survivors.

The east of the state has been severely affected since the beginning of this week, as the excessive accumulation of water is leaving total destruction for what Joe Biden, president of the northern country, declared a “major disaster area.”

“I am concerned that we will find more bodies in the coming weeks,” Gov. Andy Beshear said.

A few hours ago we reported on AmericanPost.News that a young woman was trapped with her puppy when she tried to rescue him from the floods; she was finally rescued and brought to safety along with her beloved pet.

Flood deaths to rise in Kentucky

The floods will continue in the coming days The rains will continue to complicate the outlook

At first, a balance of 16 dead was disclosed, although it was indicated to the CNN network that “there are still many people missing due to what happened in the state of Kentucky, and in this area it will be a difficult task to have a fixed number” of fatalities. .

The state president explained that hundreds of people have been rescued thanks to the emergency forces that have traveled through the area by boat since the natural disaster began.

National Guard teams from Kentucky, Virginia, and also from Tennessee, carried out just over 650 air rescues, and local police pulled 750 survivors out of the water.

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Floods up to 13 meters

The rains will continue to complicate the panorama

The National Weather Service detailed that the Kentucky River in the city of Jackson reached the highest level with a total of 13 meters, surpassing that of 1939, which was considered the highest.

“The death toll continues to grow”… “And many families there have lost absolutely everything.”

The situation in Kentucky is alarmingand authorities keep rescuing flood survivors.

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