25-year-old woman finds a hidden camera in the bathroom of an Airbnb apartment and reports it to the police

Brittany Walsh shows off a black device with what appears to be a spy camera on it.

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A Woman claims she found a hidden camera disguised as a charger in the bathroom of an Airbnb apartment.

The Brittany Walsh’s TikTok video shows a black device with what appears to be a spy camera on the front and an SD card slot on the back, where it plugs into an electrical outlet.

Brittany, 25, a teacher and school psychologist, called the police to investigate the disturbing finding.

Walsh said in his post: “Someone is going to get felony for invasive visual recording in our Airbnb bathroom.”

The video also includes a screenshot of an Airbnb listing, with a circle marking the location of a plug next to the bathroom mirror.

The footage shows two police officers taking notes in the living room.

A large sign reading “Austin” is on the wall, suggesting the apartment is in Texas City.

Brittany’s video has been viewed more than 538,000 times since Monday.

She said her original video was removed so she reposted it.

In follow-up comments, Brittany speculated that the alleged camera might have been planted by a cleaner instead of the owner.

She said: “We didn’t think about any of that for a while.

“I guess the owners would be smart enough to hide it better. My best guess is that your cleaning service put it there.”

He also rejected the suggestion that a previous guest might have placed the camera.

She said: “The (device) records locally to the SD card, you would have to have the SD card to access the recordings.

“It has to be someone with repeat access.”

One TikToker suggested: “Put the micro SD card into a computer. The first video must be from the person who originally connected it.”

Others offered ideas on how to scan a hotel room or vacation rental for hidden cameras.

One said: “An important one is also smoke alarms. However, most of the good cameras you would never find. There are apps that can scan Wi-Fi for devices that are cameras.”

Another said: “Always turn off all lights and record without flash on your phone everywhere in every room. If you see a flashing light, it’s most likely a camera.”

Brittany said she would post an update “after we hear back from Airbnb support and see what happens with the police investigation.”

Secretly recording someone in a bathroom is a felony under Texas law, punishable by imprisonment.

Airbnb said it is investigating the incident in a statement to DailyDot.

“Airbnb strictly prohibits ‘hidden cameras,’ as well as recording devices of any kind in private spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms.

“We take this allegation very seriously and our dedicated security team is fully investigating.”

Last year we told how an Airbnb heard noises from a ventilation shaft and “felt like I was being watched.”

The next morning, he discovered a creepy hidden room behind him.

Another Airbnb guest found two surveillance cameras and claimed they told him he had “consented” to being filmed, because there was a photo from a camera listed.

Last month, former hacker Marcus Hutchings posted a TikTok video explaining how to spot hidden spy cameras.