27-year-old immigrant builder Melkin Urbina shot outside his home on Dodge Park Road in Hyattsville

Seeking justice for Urbina amidst a wave of violence, Hyattsville grapples with fear and a call for community vigilance.

A man was injured Thursday following a shooting outside his home Thursday afternoon in Hyattsville, police said. Authorities responded to the 3400 block of Dodge Park Road following the report of the shooting. Upon arrival, they found that Melkin Urbina, a 27-year-old builder who had recently entered the country, was the victim of the incident.

Units transported him to the hospital but did not explain his medical condition.

Urbina’s brother, Gadiel, recounted to Telemundo 44 the moment of the events.

“When I came, the ambulance was already taking him away. He always went out to sit down a lot,” he said.

Other neighbors assure that they recognize the possible perpetrators because it is not the first time they come to the area. They even show the posters requesting information to arrest them.

“They are dark-haired young men who always come here because one day they came by and asked me for the time, but they were watching my phone. I have seen them passing by for two weeks,” said a resident who preferred to remain anonymous.

Initially, this incident had been linked to car theft, but the victim’s relative indicated that he may simply have been on the street because he had no call to work today.

If you have information to help shed light on the case, you may contact Hyattsville Police at (301) 985-5060.

This incident is the third after two other shootings were reported in Maryland on Thursday. The first claimed a man’s life at a residential complex on Palmer Street in Fort Washington at 5:20 p.m.

The second occurred a half-hour later, where another man died in a parking lot on Naylor Street in Hillcrest Heights.