3 apps to find out if you won the Mega Millions jackpot

The applications allow to know immediately if the person won or not the lottery draw

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

This Friday it will be defined who will be the winner of the jackpot of $1,025 million dollars offered by the Mega Millions. It is expected that a large number of people buy tickets to be eligible for the prize and thus become millionaires.

We have already told you that you can buy the raffle tickets without the need to leave your home, just by downloading an application and carrying out the process from your cell phone.

well now We tell you that you also have the option of not having to see the draw to find out if you are the winner or not of the draw.. The reason for this is that also There are applications that can be in charge of being aware of the results for you and in this way if you win they will be in charge of notifying you immediately.

This is something that can be really useful if you are a very busy person or someone who does not normally play Mega Millions and you are looking to enter the draw without too many complications.

Here we tell you which applications you can use to find out if you are the winner of the next Mega Millions draw:

Allows users to scan their lottery ticket in such a way that the application can know which were the numbers played by the person. In this way once the corresponding draw takes place, the application will be in charge of indicating if it was the winner.

If so, it will also inform you of how much the prize is that you will receive once the person goes to collect their ticket.

This application makes it easy for the user to store the numbers they selected for the draw and then receive a notification with the lottery results. Likewise, also allows people to generate random lottery numbers based on the numbers that according to the app are “cold” and “hot”.

Finally there is this app that also allows users who install it to know the latest lottery results as soon as they are available. The app also allows you to customize the notifications so that they only occur on the days in which the user plays Mega Millions.

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