3 million signatures are delivered to the INE for Revocation of Mandate

The civil association “Let Democracy Follow” headed by the former candidate of Brunette, Gabriela Jiménez delivered this Saturday to the National Electoral Institute (INE) three million more signatures of citizens in favor of carrying out the Consultation of Revocation of Mandate of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

It should be noted that it was last Saturday, December 25, in the middle of Christmas and on the last day of the legal term that the association delivered the signatures with which there are already 8.9 million signatures without still counting those delivered by other promoters in the country.

Let us remember that prior to carrying out the consultation, a percentage of citizens’ signatures who agreed with the consultation had to be fulfilled.

In addition, in the past weeks, as we informed you in AmericanPost.News, there was a real conflict between the Electoral Institute, the Federal Government and the Deputies, since the electoral body claimed not to have resources to carry it out, however, after the Supreme Court ruling of Justice, the INE will have to abide by the determination and carry it out with the resources it has.

3 million more in favor of the Consultation

As we informed you at the beginning of the note, the association managed to add 8.9 million signatures of citizens who are in favor of the Revocation of Mandate, which is added to more than one million rubrics that were delivered digitally by other people and organizations that also promote consultation.

It was through its social networks that the AC “Que Follow Democracy” shared various messages of gratitude to the citizens, “Lists 842 boxes with 3,014,827 signatures. The will of the people is unstoppable!” It was read on your Twitter account; For her part, Lizette Vázquez, a member of the board of directors of the same organization, commented, “Thanks to all the citizens of the 32 states of Mexico that today make it possible for us to achieve this goal, today the INE already has 9.9 million signatures in its offices to review them and carry out their process so that the Revocation of the Mandate is a reality. ”

Finally they reiterated that this process was done with “zero pesos” from the public budget and everything invested in the transfer and assemblies was donated by volunteers.

When is the Revocation of Mandate in Mexico?

According to the new Mandate Revocation Law in our country, a consultation may be requested during the three months after the conclusion of the third year of Government, that is, in the middle of the six-year term.

The consultation as such was scheduled for April 2022 but after the budget cut that the Institute suffered, it requested to postpone it since they claim not to have sufficient resources; It did not take long for this “postponement” to take effect since it was the SCJN who ordered it not to postpone the consultation any longer, so it is expected that it will become a reality in the first half of 2022.

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