3 Online Password Managers You Should Try: Never Forget One Again

Password managers are extremely useful tools that allow users to protect their passwords while, in many cases, providing them with keys strong enough to keep their online accounts free from intruders.

This type of service also allows users not to have to repeat their passwords when creating new accounts on the Internet.since it is not necessary for them to memorize them and therefore they can use a different one on each website.

Password managers aren’t just for experts. Anyone who uses the Internet should use a password managereven if it’s just for your email accounts.

The best password managers are the ones that They not only offer a high level of security, but are also easy to use. They must be able to generate and store passwords, log in automatically, and generate strong passwords.

That is why below we will show you 3 online password managers that you should try if you want to stop remembering your passwords every time you access your accounts:


The first option we are going to talk about is Bitwarden, an application that allows you to store all your passwords securely in one place. Although it has a paid version with an annual price of $10is also available for free.

Bitwarden offers the 3 main functions that every password manager should be able to deliver to its clients, such as being able to generate complex passwords that are difficult to crack, then store them securely and fill in the password field automatically when you enter a website. .

Besides all this It is an extremely intuitive tool with a user-friendly design..


For those people who prefer to use a paid service because of the improvements they usually offer, LastPass can be an excellent option. this tool It has a base price of $36 per year, an amount that can increase depending on the number of devices used.

this manager is designed to automatically sync your users’ passwordswhich allows that if a key is stored from a phone, it can then be used on a PC without any problem.

It is currently considered one of the best in the sector.which is why it is used by thousands of users around the world.


For those users who don’t want to pay for a premium membership, Dashlane can be an alternative. This password manager allows users to save up to 50 keys in its free versionwhich can operate on Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone and iPad.

It is a manager simple and safe, at least in its free versionit doesn’t offer any great added features beyond keeping keys protected.

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