3-year-old Hispanic girl died of suffocation inside a church during an exorcism performed by her grandfather to rid her of evil spirits

Her grandfather described the ritual as an attempt to “liberate” the little girl from evil spirits.

Photo: Arina Krasnikova/Pexels

A YouTuber whose daughter died in an alleged exorcism said the tragedy “is what it is” in a chilling video about the incident.

Arely Naomi Proctor, three years old, died in September of last year and her mother, Claudia Hernández, is accused of squeezing her neck and depriving her of food.

Her grandfather, who reportedly performed the exorcism at a church in San Jose, California, described the ritual as an attempt to “liberate” the little girl from evil spirits.The Mercury News reported.

He described the death of the girl as the “Will of God”. It is not known why the so-called exorcism took place.

Arely’s grandfather and uncle are accused of holding the girl down, which may have caused her death by suffocation, but they have not been charged.

Hernandez was arrested and charged with felony assault on the girl resulting in her death in January, months after the alleged exorcism took place.

Days before she was arrested, she told followers of her YouTube channel: “I could sit here and be negative… be sad about the whole situation that she passed away from.

“But it’s like, it doesn’t make sense because it is what it is. There are many reasons why God took her. What if something had happened to her, if she had had an illness?

“It is what it is. I have to be positive about the situation. You know, like at least she wasn’t suffering.

“That’s why I’m thankful, that she’s not going to grow up in that world, like in that world that we live in.”

court records show that Hernandez told police he believed his daughter was possessed on September 23.

She believed Arely was being “possessed by a demon,” according to the sworn declaration seen by Daily Beast.

Arely “periodically woke up and screamed,” the legal documents say.

Hernandez and his brother met that night and began praying for Arely while the girl was allegedly deprived of food.

Court documents revealed that Arely was taken to the Evangelical Apostles and Prophets Church on September 24 before the alleged exorcism began.

Hernandez reportedly told officers that he tried to stick his finger down his daughter’s throat.

He allegedly also squeezed Arely’s neck before the girl fell asleep.

The affidavit stated: “The victim fell multiple times when (Hernandez) pushed his hand down her throat.”

Court documents reveal that Hernandez told officers that he held his daughter around his neck to help her get rid of the spirit.

She believed that Arely died about 12 hours after they first arrived at the church.

Court documents state: “The victim last ate on Thursday, September 23 at around 9:00 p.m.

“The victim was only provided about 6 ounces of water from Thursday to the time of his death.”

Arely’s grandfather told the Mercury News that he believed she died from the so-called exorcism.

He said, “‘If you read the Bible, you’ll see that Jesus casts out demons and heals the sick again.”

Doctors discovered Arely lying on the ground, and investigators said “there was no effort” to resuscitate her.

Police revealed that Arely had suffered bruises around her eyes, neck, throat and chest.

Arely’s cause of death was ruled homicide by asphyxiation.

The church operated in the basement of owner Santiago García, who was “shocked” when police invaded the area, unaware that an alleged exorcism was taking place.

She told the Mercury News: “Grandpa told me they were praying and they believe that as they pray, the Holy Spirit will come and save her. “The mom said that she was trying to squeeze her body to get the demons out. I can’t believe she did that. It is very horrible. Very, very horrible.”