30 dogs die after fire in a house in Durango

A strong fire completely consumed the home of a 72-year-old grandfather in Gómez Palacio, Durango, and ended the lives of 30 dogs that he had as pets, after the flames destroyed the house built of wood.

The events were recorded in the upper part of Cerro de la Cruz in the municipality of Gómez Palacio, after the attempt started inside the house spread in a matter of minutes, without the man identified as Juan Javier Jacobo Núñez able to rescue to the dogs.

Neighbors and relatives helped the elderly man out of the window of the house and tried to smother the flames with water in a bucket, but all their effort was in vain, since the flames spread throughout the house in just seconds. trapping the puppies in the fire.

Dogs die in fire in Durango

Firefighters put out the flames. The puppies were trapped in the flames.

Fire department personnel immediately arrived at the scene, however, because there was no direct access to the house, the fire almost entirely consumed the wooden house.

The authorities indicated that the house was considered a total loss and declared the death of 30 puppies after the attempt. Fortunately, the grandfather managed to get to safety and rescue four of the more than three dozen pets he lived with.

The man said he did not know the cause that originated the fire, however, he pointed out that the incident ended part of his life, as he snatched 30 of his faithful dogs, which were trapped in the flames without him being able to do anything to save them. .

What is a house fire?

The puppies were trapped in the flames.

Home fires are often caused by accidents in the kitchen, cigarettes, and the unsafe use of stoves or heaters. On some occasions, the fire can be originated from forest fires such as the forest fire that destroyed several buildings after spending three weeks in flames in California, which we unveiled in The Truth News.

In the case of fire in Durango, the fire ended the life of 30 dogs and left homeless a 72-year-old grandfather, who watched his faithful pets die without being able to do anything to save them.

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