36-year-old stabbed and robbed an Uber driver on FDR Drive, then jumped from 35 feet bridge in Manhattan

In an unexpected turn of events, a routine Uber ride escalates into a crime scene and a dramatic escape near a New York landmark.

Police say a passenger inside an Uber attempted to rob its driver and then stabbed the man behind the wheel. The ridesharing vehicle, a black Tesla, was being driven in the southbound lanes of FDR Drive as it approached the Manhattan Bridge.

Officers say the passenger jumped out of the stopped Tesla on the side of the road and ran. A witness said he saw the man run off.

“Then he tried to get into another car and jumped into the car because the window was down, and I saw when he got into the car he tried to fight in the car, he tried to get to the steering wheel,” the witness said.

Video apparently shot from a nearby building overlooking the road captured the apparent attacker jumping into the rear window of the moving vehicle.

Police arrested the passenger after he jumped from the road onto the street below.

Both the passenger and the Uber driver were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive.

According to authorities, a 36-year-old man allegedly accosted an app driver whom he stabbed, mugged, and crashed.

He then allegedly tried to flee by getting into another car, but when he could not achieve his goal, he decided to escape by jumping from a bridge approximately 35 feet high.

Due to the fall’s impact, the suspect could not get up until paramedics arrived and transported him to a hospital.