5 Best Instant Coffee Brands in America

Some brands of instant coffee offer great flavor.

Photo: Ulrike Leone / Pixabay

Instant coffee is a practical, easy and quick option to prepare. Like the coffee that is prepared in a traditional way, instant or soluble coffee is also packed with antioxidants and can have several health benefits. There are quality soluble coffees that preserve their aroma and flavor very well.

We share the brands that The Pruce Eats and The Eat This Not That testing teams ranked as the best instant coffee options you can get in America.

1. Mount Hagen

Mount Hagen
Photo: Amazon

The best soluble coffee for The Pruce Eats is Mount Hagen coffee. It is an organic coffee that gets its coffee beans in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. It has a good full-bodied flavor. The reviews for this specialty instant mix coffee are positive. It is reasonably priced and Fair Trade Certified.

2. Waka Coffee

Waka Coffee
Photo: Amazon

The Pruce Eats notes that Waka instant coffee is the best medium roast, a smooth and balanced Colombian roast. It is made 100 percent with Arabica beans with citrus flavors.

The Eat This Not That describes the flavor as strong enough to add a bit of cream and sugar if you wish, but it’s not bold enough to drink black either. “Try it and you will never have a problem with home-brewed coffee again.”

3. Joe Coffee Company: The Daily House Blend

Coffee joe
Photo: Amazon

The Pruce Eats testing team notes that this Joe’s instant coffee “it’s a coffee worthy of a barista that you can take anywhere “. Although it is one of the most expensive instant coffees on the market, it is a quality coffee with a great taste; with a medium roast with the sweetness of milk chocolate and caramel.

According to The Eat This Not That, this coffee Joe is perfect for those who prefer black coffee as the flavor is incredibly strong.

4. Canyon Coffee

For The Pruce Eats, Canyon Deluxe Instant Coffee has an unbeatable taste that makes it a product worth splurging.

Quality beans are harvested in the Yirgacheffe region of southern Ethiopia, where some of the most distinctive coffees in the world are grown. It has sweet notes of honey, jasmine and peach.

5. Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic
Photo: Amazon

Four Sigmatic is a 100% organic Arabica coffee that contains functional mushrooms, like the Chaga mushroom. It is an instant coffee with a delicious taste (it does not taste like mushrooms). The brand has four varieties according to the objectives sought Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Adaptogen and Mushroom Mocha.

The mushrooms that he uses are of quality. Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom is USDA Certified to support its productivity. Every batch of pesticides and mycotoxins according to third party testing.

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