5 Google Maps features that can improve your travel experience

Google Maps allows its users to make restaurant reservations and check their travel itinerary


Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation tools in the world due to the large number of features it includes. Thanks to this, it is the favorite of millions of users when traveling because it makes it easy for them to visit tourist sites and places of interest.

While some people are aware of the main features that Google Maps offers, not everyone is aware that it is an application that goes far beyond giving information to drive from point a to point b.

That’s why here are 5 little-known features that can improve your travel experience:

1. Find stores in airports

Staying located in an airport or a shopping center can be quite a challenge, especially those that are particularly large. That is why Google Maps offers the possibility of navigating within these spaces in an easier and more comfortable way by indicating the shortest routes to reach any business.

This is possible thanks to Google Maps has a database of all the major airports and shopping centers in the worldso that no matter where your users are, they can be located.

2. Avoid crowds

Google Maps also allows users to avoid large crowds by indicating which sites are more crowded.. In this way they can visit a city or travel more comfortably.

Notably these areas are updated in real timeso that regardless of the time, users have the necessary information at all times.

3. Travel itinerary

Another benefit of the Google app is that people can access their entire travel itinerary from Google Maps itself. This implies knowing information about flights, the date of entry to the reserved hotel, car rental, and even restaurant reservations.

In this way, users can save time and headaches when they need information corresponding to these aspects of the trip.

4. Restaurant reservations

Some food sites offer the possibility of making reservations directly from the Google maps application itself. As a result, people can plan their outings to eat in advance and without the need to communicate with the restaurant directly.

This can be combined with the two functions mentioned above so that the user can select restaurants that are not overcrowded.while later you can check your itinerary from Google Maps.

5. Maps without internet

Google allows its users to download city maps in advance that they may need later. This makes it possible for people to use the application regardless of whether they have access to a data plan or the Internet.

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