5 innovative ways you can benefit from your old iPhone or iPad

Discover innovative ways to repurpose your old iPhone or iPad! From a digital photo frame to a car dashcam, this article offers five practical ideas to give your device a new lease on life. You can also recycle your device responsibly to help the environment.

In today’s world, we’re constantly upgrading to the latest and greatest gadgets. But what do you do with your old devices? Here are five innovative ways you can benefit from your old iPhone or iPad. From trade-ins to recycling programs, plenty of options are available to give your old devices a new lease on life – and help you out in the process!

1. Use it as a digital photo frame.

If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your cherished photos and memories, look no further than turning your old iPhone or iPad into a digital photo frame. With the right software, you can easily turn your device into a stunning photo display, cycling through your favorite moments in time. It’s one of the most straightforward and versatile ways to provide artwork and memories throughout any room in the house – choose from photos taken on your device itself or upload any images you have stored on iCloud! The software will even intelligently cycle between them randomly, allowing every corner of your home to be filled with playful pictures – with no strings attached.

2. Recycle it responsibly.

iPhone sitting on a net blouse with a recycling image on display
A black iPhone with a green recycle symbol displayed on the screen, indicating the device is in recycling mode or encouraging eco-friendly behavior.

Recycling your old Apple computer, phone, or other devices can benefit you and the environment. It’s essential to responsibly recycle Apple computer components and phones, as they contain hazardous materials that must be removed before hitting a landfill. There are innovative programs in place that allow you to safely and effectively recycle Apple products. These include trade-in options where you accept store credit for retired devices and charitable donation drives that repurpose used Apple products for good causes. Contribute to a greener future by researching responsible Apple computer recycling options today!

3. Use it as a remote control for your TV or other smart home devices.

With your old iPhone or iPad, you can turn it into a remote control for your TV or other smart home devices. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy the capabilities of a universal remote. You can use voice commands on your device to conveniently control most major brands of TVs or other smart home devices. With this setup, you’ll also reduce clutter, as you won’t need multiple remotes anymore. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the progress and status of your streaming or other services from your iOS device and quickly switch between inputs with minimal effort.

4. Use it like a car dashcam.

Do you have an old iPhone or iPad lying around the house that you don’t know what to do with? Consider turning it into a car dashcam!

With the help of an adapter cable and a compatible iOS app, your iPhone or iPad can stream audio and video directly to your car’s display. This means that you can use your device as a dependable witness – capturing every moment on the road for your safety, proving who was wrong whenever there is an accident or dispute, and providing valuable evidence for insurance claims.

Simply plug it in, adjust the settings, and let these innovative devices work their voodoo on the highway.

4. Turn it into a security camera.

An old iPhone or iPad can be used to monitor the security of your home when set up as a makeshift camera. With the help of an app such as Alfred, it is possible to turn any Apple device into a wireless security camera. Simply install the app on both your new device and old iPhone or iPad, grant permissions, and voila –you have a reliable surveillance setup that you can access remotely using the same Alfred app or another like iCam. This could be especially useful while traveling or investing in security features like motion sensors and door alarms. In addition to having its digital eye keeping a lookout for potential intruders, your old iPhone or iPad will make it easier for you to relax knowing that your home is under secure watch.

Concluding thoughts

Old iPhones and iPads can be recycled responsibly to help the environment. They can also be used for practical purposes such as a digital photo frame, remote control, or car dashcam. With creativity, your old device can become something new and valuable. What are some other ways you have repurposed your old iPhone or iPad?