5 Least Expensive Michelin Star Restaurants in America

The Michelin Guide offers a selection of the best restaurants in various countries of the world, based on the qualifications of its inspectors who visit the site anonymously. Although some three-star restaurants have high costs, they also there are some whose costs are more accessible.

In 1926, the guide began awarding stars to fine dining establishments, initially marking them with only a single star. Currently one, two and three stars are awarded.

A star means that the restaurant is very good in its category, it deserves to stop. Two stars means the place is excellent and worth going out of the way for. Three stars indicate that the cuisine is exceptional and worth making a special trip.

1.Tuome | New York

Tuome is located in New York City and has a Michelin star. The restaurant that offers an Asian-inspired menu. Michelin inspectors point out that chef Thomas Chen is a master at combining ingredients to delicious and surprising effect.

Don’t miss the humble crispy chicken, elevated with rice porridge; or grilled scallops with puffed amaranth and sweet corn sabayon”, the guide recommends.

Some entrees can cost between $34 and $68. An average meal runs around $75.

2. Le Bernardin | New York

Le Bernardin has three Michelin stars. It is a seafood restaurant located in New York that serves 99% wild fish. While chef Eric Ripert’s cuisine excels at fish and shellfish, his vegetarian tasting menu also makes a splash.

When the definitive history of the New York City dining scene is written, Le Bernardin will have a chapter to itself.”reviews the guide.

A four-course dinner costs $195 dollars per person.

3. State Bird Provisions | San francisco California

State Bird Provisions has a Michelin star. “The supremely seasonal California cuisine is always very good; even vibrant and amazing… Prices are reasonable, so stock up on a few extras and try anything that comes your way. Nobody leaves hungry here”, describes the Michelin guide.

Your meal at this restaurant can cost around $90 or less.

4. AL’s Place, San Francisco | San francisco California

AL’s Place is a Michelin star contemporary California restaurant.
A place to enjoy fish and where vegetables are the star of the menu. Chef and owner Aaron London is an expert at cooking seasonal vegetables, “It can make a plate of butternut squash with pickled kohlrabi, hummus and creamy burrata feel complex and luxurious,” reviews the Michelin guide.

The place is described as bright, open and cheerful, with casual but engaging staff. Plates cost between $18 and $21. The price of the meal ranges from $58 to $88. Family style portion price is $83 (full table participation required). Pairings are $54.

5. Tail Up Goat | Washington, D.C.

The Tail Up Goat restaurant is bustling with a colorful interior, but “don’t be fooled by the casual atmosphere as this kitchen team is serious”, warn the inspectors of the Michelin guide.

Among its dishes is the roast pork loin, which can be served lean but tender, juicy and temptingly seasoned with the best of the season. A dinner menu can cost you $95 dollars.

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