5 Most Popular Junk Food Brands in America

French fries, cookies, muffins, chocolates, and other packaged goods are some examples of popular junk food in the United States. To know what are the favorite products in each state, Zippia the career expert collected the data from Google Trends. 45 different favorite snacks were examined, excluding gum and soft drinks.

5 Most Popular Junk Food Brands in America

1. Oreo Cookies

Photo: Ishaan Aggarwal / Pexels

Oreo cookies are among the favorites of Americans. Cookies that have been on the market for over a hundred years (since 1912 in Manhattan) are the most sought after in five states in the country: Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia.

2. Fried

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Los Fritos are among the favorites of several states, being Most Wanted in Delaware, Kentucky Nebraska.

These popular corn chips are iconic from Frito-Lay. The company points out that Fritos are enjoyed both in small towns and family barbecues even at parties in the big city, they are a classic snack with more than 80 years in the market.

Doritos and Cheetos are also among America’s favorite chips. Doritos are the most in Arkansas and Cheetos in California.

3. Lay’s

Lay's potatoes
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Lay’s potatoes, another Frito-Lay product, have been on the market for more than 75 years and are a favorite in two states: Georgia and West Virginia. If you are a lover of these fries, during this Christmas season you can buy Lay’s sweatshirts, socks and hats through Snacks.com/HolidayShop.

4. Pringles

Pringles potatoes
Photo: Jay-r Alvarez / Pexels

Pringles are a favorite in Indiana and also in Iowa. These potatoes were also a preferred option for vegans, but the manufacturers decided to change the formula of the product for some of their flavors by adding milk, so they are no longer suitable for vegans. We would have to wait to find out if this reformulation affects its popularity.

5. Ritz

Ritz cookies
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Ritz cookies are the most sought after snacks in Maine and Rhode Island. These cookies have the advantage of being able to be accompanied with sweet and savory ingredients. They go well with peanut butter and chocolate, as well as cheese, guacamole, and fish.

Zippia found that sweet snacks, with a preference in 29 states, outweigh salty snacks.

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