5 Reasons to Go For the Desert Safari

Desert safaris are the most thrilling experiences that you can do on a vacation. Going for a desert safari will help you to open your mind and experience something different and unique. 

There are many instagrammable places in Dubai, where deserts are a huge factor in its natural amenities. These countries utilize their deserts and have tried to provide tourists with some great events to experience. These desert Safaris contain a lot of different activities.

Most of the time, people take you on a ride in a truck to the desert. These rides are highly fun as you can experience the thrill of being in a bumpy desert. Moreover, once you are in the desert, you can go for a camel ride as well. 

Many deserts in a lot of places have tons of different adventures which they will carefully plan out so that a tourist can have a memorable experience.

One of the main reasons for visiting the desert is getting to see the outstanding view first-hand. This is something that you will not get to see anywhere else. 

There are many reasons for a desert safari. Keep reading articles to know more about this.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go for the desert safari:

The beautiful views:

Desert safari in Dubai contains a lot of different activities. However, one of these is enjoying the beautiful sights that you get to see on your way. A desert is not something that you find anywhere in the world.

Moreover, there are very few countries which contain large deserts. Therefore, when you do visit one of these sites or something that you have never seen before. All of the landscapes are highly unique and striking. 

When you go for the desert safari, a lot of your time will pass by watching the beautiful horizon and the view of the desert. This will be a highly memorable sight that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Enjoy entertainment: 

Most Desert Safaris include a lot of entertaining programs like belly dancing. Since deserts are part of the Arabian culture, belly dancing is also a huge factor in it. When you go for the desert safari, you will get to witness some beautiful dancers and see their talent.

This is a highly fun experience as you won’t get to see this anywhere else. Other than that, you can also watch great programs which will refresh your mind. These events usually take place at night once your desert safari is complete during the day. 

It is even more fun to watch the programs as they are held right in the centre of the desert. Moreover, most Desert Safaris also serve dinner so that you can enjoy yourself with a hearty meal.

The barbecue dinner:

A huge part of the desert safari is the barbeque dinner buffet. Most desert safaris offer their customers a choice to have dinner right in the centre of the desert. This is highly fun as you will get to enjoy your meal in an environment where you normally wouldn’t. 

Moreover, these barbeque buffets will be highly delicious and will be a memorable meal for you. They have a lot of other items like fruits, vegetables and cultural dishes which you can thoroughly enjoy. Moreover, they will also offer you some traditional desserts and drinks.


The wildlife of the desert is the most important part of your desert safari. These safaris contain animals that you would not find in a regular zoo or anywhere else in the world.

This is mainly because these animals require the environment of a desert to stay. Therefore, when you visit this Place, you will get to see camels along with lots of Arabian oryx, owls and many other flocks of birds. 

Moreover, meerkats which are a rare species are also quite common in deserts. Not just that, but you will get a series of animals first-hand up close. This will make your entire experience so much more mesmerising and memorable. 

Since these animals will be in their natural habitat, you will get to see them in full bloom as they will be comfortable there.

Go for a camel ride:

One of the most exciting parts of a desert safari is that you will get to ride a camel as well. Most safaris offer an option to take a tour of the desert on the back of a camel. 

This is something that you should try as you will not find it anywhere else. It will be a highly fun experience as not only will you be riding a camel but you will be riding it in a desert where it usually lives. Most people have left amazing reviews about camel rides as they are very different from other animal safaris.


These were the 5 reasons why you should go for a desert safari. We hope that this article could help give you more information about desert safaris and help figure out the best activities for yourself.