5 superfoods that lower cholesterol

The term super food either superfoods It is gaining more and more popularity, and it is that they provide a great source of nutrients and antioxidants to the body, and offer exceptional benefits for the human being as they are superior ingredients to the rest of the food. The characteristics of each of them vary and provide different health benefits, today we will talk about those that are recommended for lowering cholesterol.

Approximately one in every 200 to 500 people in the world is affected by this disorder, something that should not be taken lightly because this condition can develop, over time, different health problems. Fortunately, the correct treatment and good nutrition can lower cholesterol and minimize the risk of future diseases.

1. Avocado to lower cholesterol

One of the most popular superfoods is the avocado. This fruit has numerous micronutrients, among which vitamin C, vitamin B5 and vitamin K stand out. In addition, its high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids helps to lower cholesterol levels. They are perfect for breakfast.

2. Oatmeal, the superfood par excellence

Oatmeal provides slow-absorbing carbohydrates that supply energy, making it the perfect breakfast. However, what really makes it a superfood is its cholesterol lowering effect. As with all cereals, it is not recommended to eat it excessively, because the fiber it contains contains phytates, which reduce the absorption of various minerals such as calcium and zinc. However, learning to prepare it is the key to success.

3. Spirulina, the most famous algae

In recent years, spirulina has become the most popular algae because it is considered a superfood. This microorganism gained its fame for being beneficial for lowering cholesterol, as well as combat allergic rhinitis. Although it is sold as a food supplement to take in smoothies and yogurts, it is recommended to moderate its consumption due to its ability to absorb heavy metals, toxic to humans.

4. Chia against high cholesterol and inflation

Chia is high in fiber and provides alpha-linolenic acid to fight chronic inflammation. Plus, this versatile seed helps keep cholesterol in check. You can integrate it into your diet very easily.

5. Mushrooms, used in traditional medicine

They are known as the best source of beta-glucans and have been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine to help lower triglycerides. In addition, this fungus helps lower cholesterol and protects against atherosclerosis. Make sure to wash them properly to avoid risks and you will have a delicious superfood for your meals.

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