5 things you should NEVER buy with cash

It may be wiser to invest your money than to spend it all at once on a car.

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There are many advantages to paying by credit card for various services and products instead of using cash.. Therefore, below, we share five things in which you should use this payment method.

1–Utility bills

It is more complicated to pay for these services using cash instead of using a credit card. And it is that in practically all places these types of payments are already accepted.

In addition to the fact that it is a faster system, you can configure your automatic payments so that you do not forget any invoice.

It’s also easier to keep records of these payments if you pay by card, as you’ll likely need them at the end of the year when you have to pay taxes.

2–Tickets to concerts or events

It’s best to buy from a place that is established and known to be legitimate for selling tickets to events. If you buy elsewhere, take into account that you can be a victim of fraud, so it will be practically impossible for you to recover your money if you gave it in cash.

It is best to use your credit card, since in the event of a scam, it is more likely that you can get your money back by filing a complaint.


While it is true that it seems that it is better to pay in advance for your vehicle instead of taking out a loan, the financial expert Meredith Stoddard, says that you would be better to ask for financing for a car and that you invest the money with which you had planned to buy it. .

In general, if you invest your money, even conservatively, you can earn more over the life of a car loan than the interest you would have saved on the loan if you had paid for the car in cash.


It’s better to pay your rent with your credit card than to use cash, as you’ll have a paper receipt or record that you can use later.

And it is that some states offer tax deductions for the rent paid by their inhabitants, but they need to present proof of payment of rent to access said deductions.

Having a record that you paid that money could also help you with other tax matters and in case of disputes with the landlord.

5–Online purchases

When buying on an online platform, it is very common to use a debit card, and although you might assume that using it is almost like using a credit card, the reality is that it is not.

A debit card is more like cash. In fact, this type of account does not have the same protections as a credit card.

Note that the latter have stronger protection against fraud. The problem with debit cards is that your money actually disappears as soon as a problem is solved, which is not the case with a credit card.

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