5 tips to find the best flights for your summer vacation

We meet in full climax of summer; there are still many days left to enjoy one of the favorite times of the year and that is why many people are still planning What will your next vacation be like?

Although we know that this is one of the seasons where flights tend to rise, there is always some hope that we will be able to find a relatively cheap or excellent price trip to enjoy a few days of rest, either alone or with the family.

If you are just still planning your summer vacation, here we leave you a list of tips so you can buy airline tickets at the best price, and safely.

5 tips to find cheap flights for your summer vacation

1) Find out what are the best days to buy plane tickets

Those who are usually constant travelers in economy class assure that You usually find the best prices on this type of flight on Sundays; in fact, it is proven that you can save up to 11% if you buy a ticket on the last day of the week.

It is also recommended to make the purchase on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, usually at night.

In addition to paying attention to the days you buy, it is important to avoid some key moments, such as Fridays, since on these days there have been increases of up to 5% in rates.

2) Travel during the week

The day you choose to travel also determines the cost of your ticket, which is why It will always be cheaper to travel during the week, being Thursday when you will find cheaper tickets because economy and business class tickets during that day have up to 10%, compared to those who fly on Saturdays, who pay up to 20% more.

3) Buy your plane ticket in advance, but not too much

If you plan your summer vacation ahead of time, you’re much more likely to find lower rates; however, certain precautions must be taken because there are some airlines that publish their highest fares too far in advance.

That is why on domestic flights, it is advisable to book the flights between one and 4 months in advance of your travel dates to avoid overpaying because airlines tend to post their highest fares about a year in advance.

international travel they tend to take a bit more planning so you may want to book further in advance so generally speaking you should start looking for international flights between 10 and 11 months before the dates of your trip and you must book about 5 or 6 months in advance to ensure the best price.

4) Track flights

Today there are many flight trackers with which you can compare prices between different airlines, compare past fares and you can even set a flight and request notifications when the flight is at its lowest point. This will help you keep tabs on rates and make sure you’re getting the best deal when you shop.

5) Shuffle different destinations

If you are a tourist willing to see the world and you have not yet decided where you want to go on your summer vacation, you can find several incredible discounts on flights that you would never have imagined, so a tip that will help you find the best prices is to diversify. your destinations and open yourself to the world of possibilities that you can find.

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