5 US Waterfront Destinations Where You Can Find an Affordable Retirement Home

There are places where you can enjoy the beach throughout the year, and house prices, both for rent or purchase, are affordable.

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If your golden dream is to retire and live in a place with a beach, you should know that there are several options where you can find a house at a good price and live the high life.

Here we share five of them.

1–Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.

Located along the Mississippi River, the Minneapolis and St. Paul region is surrounded by lakes. The Minneapolis Park System has 22 lakes with beaches, boat launches and fishing piers.

Cold winters allow hockey and ice fishing hereand in the warmer months there are waterfalls and lakeside picnics.

The median monthly housing cost is $1,730 for homeowners with a mortgage and $1,102 for renters, USNews reported.


Living in a big city by the sea isn’t cheap, but housing can be affordable in parts of the Miami metro region.

This tropical city located in the southern tip of Florida has mild winters, so you can enjoy the beach year-round.

The average price of a home in this city on the Atlantic coast is $1,829 per month for a house with a mortgage and $1,363 per month to rent one.

3–Tampa, Fla.

Tampa’s affordable home prices have long attracted retirees.

This West Florida city sits along Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is a city of tall buildings and skyscrapers, as well as a typical beach destination for retirees and tourists. The Port of Tampa has multiple cruise terminals, making it easy to get out on the water and explore multiple destinations..

The average housing cost is $1,458 per month for a home with a mortgage or $1,115 per month for rent.

4–Virginia Beach, Virginia

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, and bordering the Chesapeake Bay and several rivers and lakes, Virginia Beach is nearly surrounded by water. Reasonable housing costs could allow retirees to stay year-round.

A house with a mortgage costs an average of $1,697 per month, which drops to $1,180 per month if you rent.

5–Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is located along the Atlantic Ocean and has 22 miles of sandy shoreline beaches. The Jacksonville Beach Pier extends almost a quarter of a mile beyond the shoreline.

Owning a home in Jacksonville costs an average of $1,461 a month with a mortgageor you could rent it for an average price of $1,093 per month.

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