5 ways to deal with inflation with discount coupons

Several supermarket chains offer coupons, either in print, by email, on their digital platforms or by mobile application.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In the midst of ferocious inflation in the country, which reached 9.1% year-on-year during June, -the highest in 40 years-, and the second contraction of the Gross Domestic Product in the year, -the broadest measure of goods and services produced throughout the economy, Americans have had to find ways to cut costs and stretch their money further.

Coupons or loyalty programs allow you to save money without sacrificing the things a consumer is used to buying.

1. Supermarket circulars

For example, many grocery stores still print newsletters notifying their customers of weekly sales. Even, several contain hidden offers. You can receive this information by email or printed on flyers from supermarkets.

2. Analyze and compare

Today more than ever, the competition between grocery stores is much greater. Supermarkets are now measured against online stores like Amazon Fresh and hybrid stores like Target and Walmart that have increased their market share with constant sales and more inventory. Carefully reviewing what each establishment offers and making the best decision will help you save and stretch your money.

3. Use digital coupons

Through mobile applications, several food chains offer various exclusive promotions on the platform. To make them valid you do not need to present them in physical stores, as is customary with printed coupons. Just click on the coupon and it will be added at the time of payment of the item.

4. Refund programs

In addition to digital coupons, several retailers offer rebate and cash back programs. An example of this is the parent company of stores like Ralphs on the West Coast, Kroger. Other non-retail sites that offer returns and refunds include Rakuten, Ibotta and comocoupons.com, says finance specialist site GoBankingRates.

5. Gas station loyalty programs

Another tip that can work is to resort to gas station loyalty programs. Most gas stations offer incentives for loyal customers. For this it is recommended to use the same station. You can take advantage if you also have a club membership from a retail chain. They regularly offer fuel discounts to their members.

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