5-year-old boy who died in Texas after spending three hours in his mother’s car in high temperatures died of a heart attack

The 5-year-old boy who died in Texas inside his mother’s car in high temperatures died of a heart attack.

The boy, identified by the Daily Mail as Trace Means, was killed on Monday when his mother Amanda Means, 36, forgot him in the backseat of the car that was parked outside the family home in Houston.

amanda performed preparations for Trace’s older sister’s birthday.

That day, temperatures in the area reached 100 °F.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the mother returned home with the two children sitting in the back seat and assumed the boy had gotten out of the car just like his sister did.

Two to three hours later, the woman internalized that she did not know where Trace was. When she went looking for him, she found the boy still strapped into the car seat.

The mother told the authorities that usually the minor unfastened the seatbelt himself and abandoned the vehicle, but the car he was in on the day of the tragedy was a borrowed one.

The mother is in the process of divorce of the father of their children.

Steve Means spent Father’s Day with Trace hours before he passed away. Although the father is devastated by the news, he stated that He hopes that his ex-partner will not be criminally charged for the events.

“Steve is a man of integrity. He’s in pain, he’s out of his mind, but the last thing he wants is for Amanda to be criminally punished. She’s going through too much already,” said the man’s attorney Gary Block.

Trace’s death is the fifth reported so far this year in cases of children left in vehicles.