5-year-old girl is tortured to death: They made her eat dog excrement and pulled out her hair

United States.- A 5-year-old girl died after torture who suffered at the hands of his own mother and her partner in San Antonio, Texas in the United States.

Little Mercedes Losoya was taken to a hospital by her mother, the doctors said that the girl’s body showed that had been the victim of “extreme physical abuse”.

As for the mother’s partner, José Ángel Ruiz, was arrested for the death of the girl and two days later Katrina Mendoza, the mother was arrested.

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The woman stated that she had asked her partner to discipline the girl and the torture began three weeks before Mercedes’ death.

According to herJosé Ángel made the girl eat dog feces while yelling at him. She also wet a stocking with urine and put it in her mouth and when he took it out, he knocked out two of her teeth.

He added that the man hit him several times with his belt or his hands, but the woman’s partner denied everything and said that the mother was responsible for the girl’s torture.

As soon as the hair rippedassured that the 6-year-old sister had done it, but the girl gave a version that coincided with what was expressed with the mother.

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