5,760 boxes of Capri Sun juices recalled due to contamination with cleaning substance

The Kraft company produces Capri Sun juices.

Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Some 5,760 boxes of Capri Sun Wild Cherry juice were recalled for possible contamination with a cleaning substance.

Kraft Heinz indicated in written statements this week that the cleaning liquid was used in the processing equipment. Apparently, the substance fell by accident on the production line of one of the factories. The company explained that the problem was discovered after received several complaints from consumers about the taste of the products.

Although they have not revealed the exact number of bags of juice under suspicion, each box has 10 6.6-ounce juices, so some 230,000 of these could be infected.

To find out if the product you purchased is one of the contaminated ones, you should check the expiration date. If the product indicates best if used by the date June 25, 2023 is one of the affected liquids.

If the above applies, you must return the product to the store where it was purchased.

Food contamination is a problem that many companies struggle with. Earlier this week, About 13,000 pounds of “Home Run Inn Frozen Foods” brand frozen pizza were recalled due to the presence of pieces of metal in the dough.

The federal Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed this Sunday that the food would be contaminated with foreign materials, specifically metal.

The recalled pizzas are the “Home Run Inn’s Chicago Premium Pizzeria Deluxe Sausage Classic”, produced on June 6, 2022, and with notice of better if used by the date of December 3 of this year. The boxes are marked “Est. 18498-A” within the USDA seal of inspection.