6 Disgusting Practices In Hotel Room “Cleaning” Revealed By A Cleaning Worker

6 Disgusting Practices In Hotel Room “Cleaning” Revealed By A Cleaning Worker

When you arrive at a hotel, you should know that the sheets you will sleep on may not have been changed since the last time they were occupied. That and others Disgusting practices in cleaning hotel rooms were revealed by a cleaning worker employed by an agency.

“I’ve seen so many bad practices that I think people would get sick if they found out,” the man told The Mirror. “Some of the things I’ve seen would make your stomach turn”He added.

Saliva to clean

Another common practice of some workers is to use your own saliva to clean some surface, which can be from the bathroom mirror to the bedside table. They may also confuse the chemicals recommended for cleaning the various surfaces.

Do not change the sheets

The employee points out that sometimes the workload is so great that they cannot clean the rooms completely, so some things are left as the previous customer left them. “For instance, if someone has only stayed one night in a room and the sheets look good, we often don’t change them”.

Smelly bathrooms, but not clean

“It’s the same with vacuuming the floor or cleaning the bathroom; If it looks good, we won’t. It’s more about avoiding complaints than cleaning, ”confesses the man who also works in private homes. “One trick is to spray a couple of blasts of glass cleaner in a bathroom even if it is not cleaned; if a room smells of chemicals, guests assume it is clean”, He assures.

Clean toilet and kitchen with the same cloth

The unidentified worker assured that, although they have instructions to use different cloths and mops of different colors in different environments, workers are usually confused, so frequently use the things they clean a toilet with to clean a kitchen or a table where food is prepared.

Corpses in the rooms

Hotel cleaners also make grim discoveries, according to this employee. “Members of my team have often found corpses when entering to clean a room, and after the police leave they are expected to go in there cleaning like nothing”, He affirmed to the publication.

Other disgusting findings

According to the man, he himself has found urine and feces stains on the walls or even messages written in bloodDespite this, he had no choice but to put on plastic gloves and clean up.

But his worst experience was cleaning a student house: the young people had hunted ducks in a nearby park to eat them, so they killed them and hung them in the bathroom of the house. When summer came, they just left the ones that hadn’t eaten hanging for weeks. “Some of them had exploded, which was quite complicated,” he said.

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