6 foods you should never buy at a discount

According to experts there are some perishable foods such as pre-cut vegetables, meat and seafood, with which you have to be especially careful when buying them on sale. They can put health at risk and the quality will not be the same.

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We all want to save money, especially on our weekly grocery shopping tour. Especially we are more likely to be tempted by the many offers that the most popular convenience stores usually offer. However there is a problem: these cheap rebates can often be near their expiration dates, which can put our health at risk and increase the risk of suffering from some diseases. Also, when the products are not used immediately; you will end up wasting money instead of saving.

While buying certain foods on sale at the grocery store is totally fine, it can sometimes be a major health risk. According to statements by Maria Marlowe, author of The Real Food Grocery Guide, who is also a holistic health and nutrition coach. “Some foods, such as frozen foods, are generally good to buy on sale, but in many cases it is better to think twice before others “Since they are likely to expire very soon, or even that day.”

The truth is that people often do not understand why grocery stores mark food on sale. According to some experts, many consumers do not understand the difference between ‘sell before’ and ‘preferential consumption’In a way, when grocery stores put items on sale, consumers may mistakenly think these items are ‘bad’ because they have expired. The good news? This is not normally the case, usually supermarkets may have different guidelines on how they handle items. Among the main reasons why establishments usually put items on discounts include: promotions focused on new items, to help reduce inventory, discontinued items, and seasonal items shortly after the holidays.

So when perishable items are near their expiration date: supermarkets they want to move items faster and reduce food waste. Many supermarkets, like Ingles Markets, even have ways to reuse items before they reach their expiration date (i.e. sell before / consume before the dates) or if they have been discontinued. These may include use for food service in the store or supply to a food bank or food pantry. Regardless of the intention of a supermarket, there are some foods to be especially careful with when they are for sale in any grocery store.

1. Pre-cut fruits or vegetables

Normally the pre-cut fruit and vegetable options are usually quite accessible and practical, however in most cases they are likely to expire. The good news is that when they are on sale, they are a great ally to help us save; so the main secret will be to consume them quickly. Otherwise, even if you inspect their freshness and they look good, it is better not to use them and bet on the fresh seasonal variants.

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2. Avocados

Depending on the state in which you are, it is likely that the delicious avocados, They are usually an expensive product and therefore it will be difficult to say no to a cheap avocado. However, the reality is that they are usually a product that is on sale when they are too ripe and this is not the most attractive in terms of visual or texture. The best recommendation is buy a good supply of green avocados that will ripen throughout the week and they will allow you to enjoy them in optimal conditions.

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3. Conventional, non-organic meat

No matter how good the price is: When it comes to animal products, quality is key. Therefore it will always be better to spend a little more on high quality meat, that is, organic, fed and raised on grass. In cases where you find high-quality meat products for sale that have not yet reached the expiration date, there may be a good opportunity to save. However, it is vital to check the expiration date and the origin of the products. I bet you choose the expensive cuts that are discounted for the “quick sale” as their expiration date approaches.

Red meat
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4. Farmed shellfish

Seafood is often one of the most expensive high-biological value protein options and that is why consumers are very excited whenever they are on sale. However, regardless of whether there is a special offer or not, farmed seafood is not a connoisseur’s favorite. In fact, wild shellfish are known to be a healthier option, as they generally have less PCB contamination compared to cultured ones, and they are significantly lower in calories and saturated fat compared to those grown. Wild fish and seafood versions are fresher and more nutritious. For example, wild salmon has a more ideal omega 6: omega 3 ratio, while farmed salmon is much higher in pro-inflammatory omega-6s, which is not ideal. Depending on the origin of the fish, in recent months it has been said that there is a possibility that farmed fish will be treated with antibiotics.

fish and shellfish
Seafood. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Cereals

For all lovers of box cereals, who love to acquire the typical offers of supermarkets such as traditional 2 × 1. The reality is that our experts do not recommend acquiring them, the biggest problem is not the expiration date since being honest These are pantry products with a long shelf life. The most important thing is that by acquiring them you will not be so conscious of your health, most of them are made with refined and sugary grains and they are not good to start the morning, or as a snack, dinner and much less for children. Bet on choosing whole cereals such as oats and

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6. Pre-washed and packaged salad leaves

If pre-washed and packaged salad greens are for sale, they are probably about to expire. When choosing a bag of salad leaves, sYou should always give yourself the task of checking the expiration date, It’s also just as important to check the package to make sure they’re fresh before you buy. On many occasions it is quite easy to realize its freshness, since the leaves are usually crushed and they usually spill some brown liquid.

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