6 recipes with eggs for very Mexican breakfasts

Eggs are a versatile food with which popular Mexican breakfasts are prepared, cheap, tasty, nutritious and satiating dishes. Among the most popular recipes are eggs rancheros and eggs Mexican style.

We share six classic Mexican breakfast recipes with eggs as the main ingredient. They also usually include onion, tomato and chili, served with beans and corn tortillas.

one. ranch eggs

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The Huevos Rancheros are a couple of fried eggs that are placed on a corn tortilla dipped in oil and bathed in ranchera sauce. The tortilla can be spread with refried beans, or ground or whole beans can be served on the side.

2. Eggs to the mason

Eggs to the mason
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Eggs al albañil are scrambled eggs with sauce. The type of sauce usually varies, a common preparation is made with dried tree chillies, tomato, garlic and onion.

3. Motuño eggs

Eggs Motuleños
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Motuleños eggs are a Yucatecan specialty. The fried eggs are mounted on a fried tortilla spread with refried beans and then bathed in tomato sauce. Pieces of ham and peas are added on top. They are usually served accompanied by fried plantains.

4. Divorced Eggs

Divorced eggs
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Divorced eggs are a pair of crashed eggs, one is bathed with green sauce and the other with red sauce. Like the Huevos Rancheros, they are placed on a tortilla. When serving the eggs, they can be separated with refried beans.

5. Eggs with sausage

Eggs with sausage
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Eggs with chorizo ​​are a very popular breakfast in Mexico. To prepare them, the chorizo ​​is fried in pieces and mixed with the egg.

6. Mexican Eggs

Mexican style eggs
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Mexican eggs are prepared with ingredients that have the colors of the Mexican flag: tomato, onion and green chili (serrano or jalapeño). The vegetables are fried in a little oil, the eggs are added and seasoned with salt and pepper. They are cooked like scrambled eggs.

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